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I have been after a new netbook for about a year, and finally decided that this year I was going to get one for my birthday!  So I have been saving and keeping an eye on prices etc and then along came Twitter and a lovely, lovely lady that I follow called TheFatGirlGone!

I started following her because she to is on a weightloss journey and then she posted, that she had a netbook she was wanting to sell, brand new!

A Samsung N210, it took me about 2hrs to decide, as I hadn’t even looked at Samsung machines!!!!!   But I bought it, the price was excellent, and I just could not believe my luck!

We were both nervous, selling and buying a machine via Twitter of all places, but has worked out fine, and I am now the proud owner of  a new Samsung N210 and I love it!

So thank you ever so much TheFatGirlGone!


Dressform / Dressmakers Dummy


As I am about to embark on a new craft, dressmaking, as I have mentioned in my previous posts.  One of the things I have thought of getting has been a dressform / dressmakers dummy.  Only because my shape is so odd, there are at least 12″ difference between my waist and hips, and I thought it would really help with the fitting the garments I made.

Anyway I did not want to spend alot of money, and as they sell for £90 + vat upwards, I thought I would keep an eye out in the local paper and see if anything came up!

Well it did!!!!!!!!!

I realise it is not perfect and is rather old and tatty, but she only cost me …………………..


so how can I be fussy!

I thought, because she is so small and not my size at all, I am going to amend, alter, restructure her to be more my size.  If it works, then I have a bargain dressform, if it doesn’t then I have only lost £10.

I shall be working on this, once I get all my measurements done, which is happening on the 26th April when I have my 3hrs of sewing teaching!

Oh so excited!

Mum’s birthday


Today is my mum’s birthday!


So yesterday we were in P’boro, having gone up on Saturday to spend the night and have some quality family time.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Luke just loves spending time with his Nana and Grandad and his uncle, whom he can’t call Gavin so calls him Daboo instead!

We went out for a lovely lunch to The Royal Oak in Duddington, and I have to say their customer service is awesome!  The prepared Luke a fresh dish of pasta with any sauce we wanted even though it was not on the menu and it was scrummy!  I love restaurants that give children the same options as adults!

Mum’s are so precious and I think it is only when you become a mom yourself that you realise just how much they do!

Thurs 8th April ’10


Why have I started a post with a date?  Simply because I think that is the date that my life changed and Saturday 17th April will be the date it officially changes!

Now I bet I have you wondering, what is she going on about?  Right?  So let me explain further……………

Thursday is nursery for my son and on this particular morning whilst carrying my son to the nursery door, I tripped!  My crocs got caught in my trousers and I went arse over tip!

Luckily my son was not hurt, he was just shocked.  I on the other hand did not come off so lightly and hurt both my knees, my right ankle, both my arms, my back and my nerves!!!

I can’t believe how quick and easily it happened, and since it having happened I can’t seem to get out of my head, what if I had fallen on him!

I am a BIG girl, weighing in at near enough 16st!  That is an awful lot of weight to land on a little 2yr old, should it ever happen again!

I know I keep trying diets and I must have tried everyone out there, but I keep failing.  The main reason being, because I struggle to commit to a certain time each week night!


I think I have found the answer!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning in Felixstowe they have a Weight Watcher’s meeting!  How cool!  No need to worry about childcare as my husband can look after Luke and I can commit to each Saturday morning, and over time, Luke will be starting Little Kickers on a Saturday morning, so whilst hubby takes Luke, I can attend my meeting!

So I am sorted!

Saturday 17th April 2010 is my official start on the weightloss journey and this time I won’t be getting off till I have reached my destination, now matter how bumpy the ride!

I have started a weightloss blog if you would like to follow it :

Quick craft update!


My fabric arrived yesterday and I am thrilled!

The package!

The pile of fabric!

A very good friend added a metre of this to my order, so this is not in my stash.  Pity as it really is gorgeous in real life, although not sure I would ever actually wear something made from it!

Here is the first lot of material with the pattern I am thinking of making out of it! It is a cotton fabric and feels really soft!

Next we have a viscose mix, which will hopefully one day be the maxi dress pattern you see resting on it!

Another cotton fabric, but not sure, skirt or dress!   It is rather see through so will need to be lined, any suggestions?

Just a little pin cushion that has been in my to do pile for ages, finally finished it this weekend!  Not perfect but I think it is cute!

Here are some vintage fabrics from Cath Kidston that I won on Ebay.  They are just small squares but I can do some patchwork with them!

Easton Farm Park


My family came down today and spent Easter Sunday with us, so we went to Easton Farm Park for a few hours, to do an Easter Egg hunt and see some animals.

Luckily the weather was good to us, although be it a little cold!  Here are some pictures from today!

Luke taking a liking to the rabbits!  Don’t get any ideas son, you can’t have one! LOL!

Feeding the spotty ponies!

Riding the train with Daddy!

Easter Eggs!


Luke received so many Easter eggs that I reckon we won’t have to buy chocolate for at least a week!  Lol, ok maybe a month!

He he is eating his first ever whole egg!

Luke’s easter egg stash, well some of it, anyway!