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Look who missed Mommy’s birthday by 57mins!


 We have our beautiful baby boy!

LUKE MICHAEL STAFFORD born 19th May ’08 at 2303hrs weighing in at 9lbs 20zs, via emergency c-section after 25hrs of active labour!  Well worth every single minute!  Glad to be home now, although it was a short stay, went in Monday came out Wednesday!

I can’t believe he was so close to be born on my birthday, I am surprised he missed it, but relieved. 

I will post the birth story at a later stage, but at the moment we are just great and settling in well to being a family.

I will just add I am in total awe of my husband and how well he coped at the birth, and since and the support he is giving me is unbelievable, he is simply wonderful!

39wks + 1day


  So here I am 39wks and 1 day!  Wow!  6 days left till my due date.  I really am hoping it arrives on time, but you just never know!

The babies head is engaged and things are going well.  I have been on crutches for about 2 weeks now, due to pelvic and back pain, but a small price to pay to have a wonderful little buddle of joy!

So we are all ready for the arrival of baby. 

It is my birthday in 6 days, yes due date!  So my family are coming down on Sunday to spend the day with me, so I am hoping that baby holds out till 21st or 22nd!

Can’t quite believe that the end is so near now.  It seems just like the other day we discovered we were pregnant!

So watch this space, will update as soon as anything happens!


37wks + 3days


Wow, in medical terms the baby is now classified as full term if it were to be born now!!!  I can’t believe we are just 18days away from DUE DATE!

I started a course of reflexology last night to help get things moving and it was just wonderful!  I am really taking a very holistic, natural approach to this birth and am trying everything possible to prevent me having medical intervention.  The reflexology is 4 sessions worth and she works on different parts of my feet, relating to my uterus etc.  It was just wonderful!

My midwife appointment went well this week.  The baby’s head is 4/5th’s engaged, so at least it is starting to move down!

I have now started my Raspberry leaf capsules, eating pineapple and about to start on the spicy food.  Probably all old wives tales I know, but no harm in trying them!  Oh and I have a wonderful 1hr back massage booked for next Friday, that I can’t wait for!

It is bank holiday weekend in the UK, this weekend, and can’t say I have loads planned, but I have a few things!  I must stitch more of the sampler that is for sure!  I am going to get pampered on Saturday and have booked in to have my hair trimmed, a manicure, pedicure and my eye brows shaped.  Just thought I could with it!

I am hoping the weather is nice, as it would be lovely to be able to sit in the garden, read and chill out!

Right I am off to physio now, as my pelvic pain has returned worse than ever, joint with sciatic (sp?) pain so I am hoping they can sort it out for me.  Would love a pain free weekend!

So have a wonderful bank holiday everyone, and I will try and post some more pictures of the sampler at some point!