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A4 Filofax!


I suddenly got the urge the week before last that I really could do with an A4 Filofax for work!

As you know my collection includes the Pocket, Personal and A5, various in each size, but I have never ventured larger than A5 as I just thought it was WAY too big!

With work I tend to work off lots of printed off emails, lists etc, from various systems and I need to be able to keep them in order, as well as have a notes, to do and diary!  Filofax really seemed the only option.

I did go to Staples and look at their A4 Conference folders, but good lord they are huge!  I was there comparing the Filofax and Conference folder in Staples and looking at the pros and cons, and Filofax won!

So home I came and Ebay I stalked!  I found  a brand new A4 Graphic Filofax and I won it!  £36 incl postage, not bad I thought!

Here it is :-

Isn’t it lovely?  It is a microfibre cover, which really is quite practical really considering how much it is going to be carried around and left open!  Talk about open, it lies perfectly flat when open, which is great!

There are so many inside credit card holders and there is a pocket on both the front and back covers, as well as space for a notepad on the back.

Considering how much I have in it, it certainly isn’t bulky to carry!

See, not full!

How have I got it set up?  Well here goes :-

Plastic leaflet

Tab 1 – To do lists section

Tab 2 – Week on Two Pages diary for 2010 that came with the filofax

Tab 3 – Notes section

Tab 4 – Aged Debtors Analysis, Product code information, pricing structures etc

Tab 5 – Supplier orders

Tab 6 – People I need to chase

A – Z section has details on all the customers I am currently doing work for.

The one thing I really LOVE about this filofax is I can print out an A4 page, and punch it and bamn it fits, right way, no adjustments needed, and I can now store all the papers I work on!

So would I recommend it, yes as a work fax, but I certainly wouldn’t be carrying it around with me every day!

Love it!

p.s. Sorry Steve, I forgot to say, No other Filofax papers fit the A4, without having to repunch all the holes!


Craft update


I have been crafting quite a bit I think, but not 100% sure on what! LOL! So I am going to try and do an update and see what gets shown!

Christmas Decorations, bought these last year planning to put them on the tree in 2009 but that never happened, so hopefully we can have on the 2010 tree!

I have bought some really tiny beads to do the eyes and where the french knots are meant to be, as I can’t do french knots!

After seeing my friend Cheryl and her showing me the needlecase she made, I wanted to give one a go and this was the result!  I do like it, but I think it needs a fastening to keep it closed!

I have cast on Lady Kina, but as you can see from this, I haven’t really done much!  At the point I need to increase another 148sts and just haven’t had the peace to do it!  One day, soon, hopefully!

Of course I had also finished this for a swap, as mentioned in a previous post.

Here is the ripple blanket so far!  Taking ages to do but am getting there!

This is how wide it is now :-

Oh, such a long way to go!

Ok, so I know this is totally wonky, but it kinda appeals to me!  I am wondering if it has anything to do with the whole being left handed thing and this is the outcome?  I did figure it was a blanket that would be draped around you does it really matter!

I think that is all I have been upto at the moment!  I really do want to press on with more stuff, but time is once again not my friend!

Ipod Touch


I have been wanting an Ipod Touch for like forever!  But I was reluctant to spend the money, and I also was not sure I would use it.

So I stuck with my iPod Nano and my Netbook and I was happy!

Then I found out they were bringing out a new iPod Touch with a camera, video and face time!  My want increased and by the time it was announced at the beginning of Sept I was seriously gonna buy one!

What a pity the launch was not backed up by good stock levels!  I rang my local iStore every day last week in the hope that their stock had arrived and every day I was told it hadn’t but they would be in touch when it did!

Yeah right I thought!

Well, I have to give them credit, because 4pm Friday afternoon they rang, the iPod Touch 32gb had landed!

My poor son has never been rushed out the house so fast in all his little life!

I was in town handing over my credit card within 30mins of the call, and I was in fact the FIRST person in Ipswich to buy a 32gb iPod Touch out the iStore, how sad is that?  But how happy was I?

I can not explain what I was feeling, I was worse than a kid in a candy store!

I rushed home, put Fireman Sam on for Luke, and then knew I had 2hrs of peace and quiet to play!

I have yet to download my pictures of it, but it truly is a thing of beauty and I love it!

2nd best purchase this year!  The 1st was my netbook!

I love all the apps you can get on it, and better still I love that I can now run my Blackberry for work emails and social networking and my Ipod Touch for personal life and social networking.  No more worrying about have I posted the right thing to the right twitter account! LOL!

So if you are thinking of getting one, stop thinking and start buying as you certainly won’t regret it!

Here are the photos of it!

Such beauty!

Lynette Anderson @ Quilters Haven!


I attended a course at Quilters Haven in August for Stitchery.

We were making the Bee Hive Stitchery set by Lynette Anderson and she was actually teaching the course!  I just could not pass it up, especially as I really want to get into stitchery and needed some guidance!

Here is a link to her website :-

What a truly wonderful lady!  She was an absolute pleasure to be taught by, and I found her to be so wonderfully honest and funny, and I must admit I did feel a bit star struck by it all!

Here is the pattern of what it is to be like, and my effort so far :-

I do have quite a bit to still do, but what I did manage to do at the course was great fun!

Unfortunately every good side has a negative, and I have to say the treatment by Quilters Haven was not acceptable!

Please understand this is absolutely NO reflection on Lynette at all, it is to do with the venue and owner of Quilters Haven.

I was at Festival of Quilts the weekend before the course, and whilst there I asked Karin on her stand if I needed to get the materials for the course at the show, or did they have stock of everything I needed at the shop.  She assured me I could buy EVERYTHING at the shop!  That was to be laughed at!

I went to Quilters Haven on the Saturday to buy my supplies and to say I was disappointed is an understatement!  They never had half the stuff I needed and the prices were nuts!

After much complaining, but also some wonderful help from THE only caring shop assistant in there, I managed to get almost everything I needed.

Now the cost!  When I booked, the website said £35 + pattern, which I and many other students read as being £35 and the pattern was included!  Oh how mistake could we have been!

The course cost me £35, I then had to spend an additional £50, yes that is right £50 on materials in order to the course!  NUTS £85 for a day course.  I love Lynette Andersons designs, and had I of known the final cost, I would of put that money towards buying more of her patterns and maybe emailing her if I got stuck!

It has left a very nasty taste in my mouth, and alot of other students and as a result I shall NEVER do another course at Quilters Haven again, in fact I am not sure I will EVER step foot in their shop again!

So many lessons learnt on so many different levels!

But on a happy note, I did get Lynette’s autograph!

Filofax inserts


How many inserts can a Filofax user have?  Answer, never enough!

I have bought some more inserts for my Pocket Urban, only because Filofax France had the layout I have been searching for!

Week on 2 pages with appt times, awesome!  I do wish Filofax UK would follow suit and produce this layout!

I hate writing in black boxes and so find the UK layout awful to use, which is possibly why I never used the Pocket  filofax before.  Not only that I don’t like page a day for pocket either as it leaves no space to hold any other pages!

So this is what I have gone for :-

This is just so perfect on so many levels and the lack of English on it, does not trouble me at all!

I may just have found my perfect refill!



Ever heard of the Graze box?

I came across this one day, whilst searching the web as you do, and I thought what an awesome idea.  A snack box for £2.99 with all my HEALTHY nibbles in!

I did sign up and at first I was getting a box each Mon and Thurs, however I have now reduced it to Thurs only as I just don’t seem to be getting through them quick enough.

I may well be increasing them again when I return from holiday, and getting the eating sorted!  But in the meantime once a month suits me!

This is how it arrives, the right size to fit through the letterbox, so you don’t have to be home to get it, and it is the inside (for that particular week, anyway) :-

Healthy yumminess!

If anyone wants to try one drop me a comment and I will email you a code to use!

They are so worth the money!