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Luke is now 1!


Can’t believe my little boy is now 1 and has gone from this :- IMG_0781

to this :-


Luke turned 1 on May 19th and we had a lovely day taking him to Africa Alive in Kessingland.  I still think he is a little young to appreciate it, but he liked being outdoors and spending time with Mummy and Daddy and that is the most important!

I love his cake and here it is :- P1020766

Here are some random shots of Luke over the last few weeks, hope you enjoy!

DSCN0121 Trying to encourage Luke to play in the garden!IMG_1136

Lukes first trip to Nandos! P1020640

New Shoes ! P1020643

First walk on Felixstowe beach P1020661

First braai 10th May '09 (3)

Finally a lovely picture of Mummy and Luke! IMG_1141

Looking back I just can’t believe how much Luke has developed over the last 6 weeks and is still developing!  Since taking these pictures he can now stand up on his own and start walking and is almost running! 

Motherhood is wonderful and I love it, even more so as my little boy is an angel!

Craft update.


I have been doing quite a bit of knitting over the last few weeks, on various different projects! 

I managed to get some 9″ circulars in 2.5mm size for socks, which I just love from Hiya Hiya, so am currently trying socks on them!  I am currently knitting the Pea Sock on them, but not doing the pea pattern!

Apr 30th '09 I have done alot more since this picture was taken!

Next on my needles is Fetchings from Apr 30th '09  I am really enjoying knitting these and not finding the cable as hard as I thought!  These are knitted using Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and is just lovely to knit with!

Fuzzy Feet are going well, I have done one and have started the second one! P1020783  These are oversized as when they are both done, I will then throw them in the washing machine with a pair of jeans and felt them, so they shrink, to the right size!  That is the theory anyway!  The yarn used for these is Cascade 220 Quatro and is a joy to knit with!

Glace is going well, once my mother, bless her, sorted out my mistake for me!  What would we do without our mothers! Galce 180409 I really need to update my photos as I am now on the second side, about the add all the stitches together to start the back!  Yarn used :- Jaegar Extra Fine Merino Aran.

I knitted a Pidgy Podge as well, that was really quick and easy, but used up some I otherwise would never use! P1020789 Sirdar Bigga

I have bought some yarn recently, but all have been for projects in mind, so watch this blog.

I also have Bainbridge Scarf on my needles but not got round to photographing it yet!

Quick update, before indepth one!


My last post was April 18th, which I am totally amazed at.  I do think I need to start updating on a  weekly basis to keep to update!  So a quick summary of the last 6weeks :-

Luke started walking – properly!

I knitted a few more things!

We went to Peterborough for the weekend

Luke turned 1! I turned 35!

Now to do some indepth updates!