Dressform / Dressmakers Dummy


As I am about to embark on a new craft, dressmaking, as I have mentioned in my previous posts.  One of the things I have thought of getting has been a dressform / dressmakers dummy.  Only because my shape is so odd, there are at least 12″ difference between my waist and hips, and I thought it would really help with the fitting the garments I made.

Anyway I did not want to spend alot of money, and as they sell for £90 + vat upwards, I thought I would keep an eye out in the local paper and see if anything came up!

Well it did!!!!!!!!!

I realise it is not perfect and is rather old and tatty, but she only cost me …………………..


so how can I be fussy!

I thought, because she is so small and not my size at all, I am going to amend, alter, restructure her to be more my size.  If it works, then I have a bargain dressform, if it doesn’t then I have only lost £10.

I shall be working on this, once I get all my measurements done, which is happening on the 26th April when I have my 3hrs of sewing teaching!

Oh so excited!


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