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Friday 13th! Normally over the years I have been really superstitious about it, but for some reason, more recently it hasn’t worried me! Maybe it is down to age and not believing in old wives tales as much! However I do still have my superstitions! Not walking under step ladders, not putting new shoes on tables, throwing salt over your shoulder, the list goes on!

So what I have been upto since I last blogged? Well maybe I should start rather with what I am about to get upto, and then go back!

Today my brother is coming to stay for the weekend and I am really looking foward to having him down! We are off to The Range when he arrives to look at their art supplies as big brother is into art and needs to stock up! Tomorrow (Saturday), hubbie has golf lesson in the morning, so brother and I are off to look at more art supplies and also mountain bikes, as he wants to buy one. The in the evening we are going out for a lovely meal, somewhere, not yet decided!

Sunday, and we are off to Stowmarket to watch a charity football match between, SGR FM, our local radion station and the Hollyoaks Hunks. Have to admit to being a bit of a Hollyoaks fan, so really looking forward to that. Then brother will head home on Sunday night!

So that is what I am going to be doing, now for what I have done!

Went and visited a friend of mine down in Surrey on the 1st July, that was great to catch up! Had to take some wedding photos and the dvd to her to take to my uncle in Zimbabwe as she is going out there on the 7th Aug. Can’t quite believe her wanting to go but there you are!

I have been knitting, not loads but enough. And I have started a new cross stitch! I know what happened to finishing the WIP’S!?!?!?!? Well this is a wedding one for Si and I so I figured it is a rather important one, and I could do with something to do about the wedding!

Now for the pictures :-

Here is the start of my new x-stitch, it has grown already since this was taken, not loads but a bit! Enjoying stitching it but it is on evenweave and I always find that tricky!

My new knitting bag for the lounge. Wanted something nice and chic but not huge and fell in love with this! So it now has pride of place next to my chair!

Sock yarn club – month 2. Am loving this colourway. It is called Strawberry Fields and I am loving it, so I think this will have to be used for a shawl!

Closer piccie! Look at those various colours, love it!

I was in a dishcloth swop and I have to say, loved knitting them and these were the two I received and I love them! They are gorgeous! Not sure I have the heart to use them!

Check back for more updates on the knitting and x-stitch, will try and post more on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!