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My little boy nearly walking!


180409-81 We took Luke to Bawsdey today as the weather was so wonderful!  Here he is trying to walk on the beach!


Craft Update


Not sure I have lots to update on, as I have been trying to learn socks!  They must be my nemesis, as I am struggling, but I will not give up!  So I am currently doing cuff down, using Silver Sock lesson, so I sit each night with a ring binder with her instructions trying to work through it, and I am also trying toe up, again with folder in tow!

So far, I must have frogged each about 5 times, but I am determined to not give up!  It has to be goal for 2009, to knit socks!

I have been working on Glace by Rowan, that is lovely to knit and coming on quite well!

galce-180409-1  Progress so far, sorry picture is on the side!

Flora, have not managed much more crochet, but so far this is what it is looking like :-


Not sure I have anything else to update on!  Hopefully next time I will part of a sock!

Easter – Norfolk Broads


Easter this year was spent on the Norfolk Broads with my family for 4 days.  The weather was not 100% but it really only rained twice and it was good fun.   The shower room / toilets were a bit on the small size, but other than that, it was fine!  Would I do it again?  Not sure, I think if I had a larger boat, so Luke was in his own room and the showers and toilets were slightly larger than yes I would!

p1020551 Side view of the boat we hired

p1020555 Back of the boat.  There are only 2 of these designs on the water and this was the other one!  It was funny, as we were both taking pictures of each other!

p1020514  My son in his life jacket!  To say I am proud of my little boy, is an understatement!  He was so good, considering he never had his walker, could not crawl around alot due to lack of safe floor space, he was excellent!

Has it really been almost a month


since my last post?  Oh my goodness!

So where exactly did March go?  If anyone saw it, please advise, as I seemed to have lost mine!  I think I may just update with photos as that will be easier!

p1020495 Luke finally got his first proper haircut, which just made him look so much older!  My little boy is growing up and is almost 11mths!

p1020500 My mom lovingly sewed up Luke’s jumper for me.  Believe it or not it does fit him, and he wears it back to front, as the v is meant to be the back but I let him wear it as a v-neck!

p1020503 I have been trying to do a bit of crochet and knitting and I have made loads of progress but have not taken pictures!  This is my first flora from Natural Dye Studio I am making, but need to speak to Amanda to make sure I am joining them correctly!

I have done other samples of different stitches which has been good fun.  I am currently also making a dishcloth with crochet, and am knitting Glace from Rowan.  That is coming along alot better than I ever thought and am really loving knitting it!  Cross stitch is not something I have been able to do due to a certain little boy!

So April, well we are going away for Easter on a boat with my parents and brother and am really looking forward to it.  A bit nervous I have to admit with Luke but it should be really good fun! 

Simon and I celebrate 2yrs on married life in April as well.  Although we are not doing anything special for it, but that is ok!

What else…………not sure really, so I won’t babble on, but hopefully will have some lovely pictures to post after our Easter Weekend away!