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Left handed Filofax!


I was recently ‘Reader under the Spotlight’ over on the Philofaxy website.  Here is the link to the post if you want to take a read!

One of the things I said was that I would like a Left Handed Filofax!  At the time I thought great idea, but now I need to back this in my head idea,up with actual on the paper (or blog) ideas and put it out there!  So here goes!

This is based on the A5 Domino as this one I am currently using on a regular basis for my crafts and the one I think it works best with, as it has a notepad in the back inside cover.

Some people have said if you wanted to use this Filofax left handed just turn it upside down and you can!  Totally agree, however if are even mildly OCD this could end up annoying the pants off of you, I know it would me, and here is why :-

This is the current inside back over, and if I turned it upside down, which it can be down as you can slightly see the slit at the bottom of the pad to do this.  However I then found if I did this that the pen loops would then need to be raised as they are now in the way when I write!  Oh and one other thing, on the back cover at the bottom is ‘FILOFAX’ embossed if I turned my Filofax upside down this of course would also be upside down and I just could not cope with that!

All the inserts work fine and I could just turn them around!  But then we get to the front cover!  Different story!

Normal way up!

Turned upside down!  Spot the obvious issue?  All the card slots need to be turned upwards! And the Filofax details in the front all need to be turned as well!

In short, yes an A5 Domino can be used as a Left Handed Filofax if you can live with the things I have pointed out here!  I can’t!  It would do my head in if everything was upside down etc!

However, this I have realised really only applies to Filofax’s that have the back notepad in them!  Why would I want to turn my Personal Domino into a left handed Filofax?  Well I wouldn’t as there is no gain, because there is no back note pad!

However my Pocket Urban, has a back notepad and that would be a consideration!

I hope I have made myself clear, as some ideas are sometimes best left (pardon the pun) in the head in which they arose, and never coming out, and maybe this was one of them! LOL!

Oh one last thing.  This may also apply to right handed people, I find with the current setup of the Filofax when making notes, etc I tend to always write on the left page (which is rather lumpy due to card slots!), so my notes section for instance looks empty, but really it isn’t it is because I have started at the back and working forwards, as easier to write and if the notepad were in the front, would be more comfortable as well!  I think that may be where the Left handed Filofax idea originally came from!

What are your thoughts?

p.s. I am not a Leftie who wants the world to change!  I have progressed through life fine with my right handed ruler, right handed scissors and of course the dreaded right handed tin opener, that I am sure would of been just as easy to open the tins with a hammer and chisel!  I have however resorted to a LEFT handed chequebook, of course now that cheques are no longer accepted! LOL!


Filofax collection!


In all the excitement to update my blog this morning, I forgot possibly THE most important post!

Before I get into it, but must just say ‘I do actually use them all!’  At some stage in my life anyway!

A picture of my Filofax collection!  I am mad to do this as Hubby reads my blog, but here goes!

Ok, so what do we have : –

A5 Red Domino – this is my Craft-o-fax

A5 Black Metropol – stores empty pages and important papers I need to hand!

Personal Kensington – my first Filofax bought for me by my Dad, will NEVER part with it!

Personal Slimline Guildford – stores empty pages

Personal Grape Domino – Daily desk diary for personal and work

Pocket Black Hamilton – stores empty pages

Pocket Black Chino – gets admired!

Pocket Fawn Chino – AVON-o-fax

Pocket Slate Urban – Daily carry round diary / purse

See they all do have a use!

I have been toying with getting a Mini but have now decided against it!

For the moment! LOL!

Natural Dye Studio – knit under the willow tree


Sunday 8th August was our knit under the willow tree day at (The Natural Dye Studio)

What a wonderful day it turned out to be!  The weather was a concern to begin with, but that soon cleared up and it was just wonderful, to not have to worry about childcare, etc and just sit under a tree with a whole bunch of ladies, and of course Phil and enjoy knitting, chatting, eating, laughing, relaxing, oh the list could go on!

Here are a few pictures from the day!

Looking forward to hopefully another great day next year!

Thank you to Amanda, Phil and Cheryl for the wonderful organisation!



My previous post was all about the Pocket Chino that I won off Ebay, for the bargain price of £8, so this post is what am I using it for!

Well back in April I decided to start selling AVON, why, I am not sure, but I did, and so far I am enjoying it, although it can be a little tiring some times!

I have been trying many electronic methods of storing data and whilst they all work fine, I can’t carry them round with me when delivering, incase a customer asks me anything!

After pondering, the whole of 2 secs, I realised I needed a Filofax system, that I could tailor to my needs!

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I am using my Fawn Chino Pocket as my AVON-o-fax!

I had to buy some inserts, naturally :-

The setup (which will no doubt change as it evolves!) is :-

Tabs 1 – 6

Tab 1 – Month of two pages diary, to record order and delivery dates!

Tab 2 – Street details of the houses I have delivered to, if they returned their book, placed an order, etc

Tab 3 – Week on two pages diary, to record when I need to deliver orders, place orders, etc (no personal entries are in here, they are in my Daily Urban Pocket!)

Tab 4 – Delivery details of what campaign brochure I delivered, date out, date to be collected, house number I delivered to, if they returned, order, no order and notes!

Tab 5 – Lined paper for notes

Tab 6 – Calculator and finance sheets to record happenings in my Avon bank account!

Address Tabs as I eventually want to have each persons previous order details in this section along with all their contact details

Plastic top opening wallet, just to protect back pages!

I will also be using this when I deliver my orders as a wallet!

So far it seems to be working ok.  I must give a huge THANK YOU to Steve over at for help with the Word and Excel templates!

I shall update when I run with it for a few campaigns on how it is working for me!

Ebay Filofax


In my madness of deciding to go to a Pocket Filofax, I bid on a Chino on Ebay in Fawn, not thinking I would win it!  So whilst waiting for that bid to end, I actually went and bought the 2 pockets from W H Smith, as mentioned in a previous post!

Imagine my surprise when I did in fact win the Fawn Pocket Chino!!!!  Another Pocket Filofax, I hear you sign, well yes!  But for just £8 how could I possibly pass it up?

Don’t you just love the colour?

It never came with many refills, but that suited me fine!

What am I going to to use it for?  Well that deserves its own post!

Pocket Filofax layout change already


Yes that title is right, I have been using it a day and already I have changed something!

Steve over at had done some meal record sheets for the pocket which are just great.  So needless to say I had to print them out and test drive them for the coming week!

This mean’t the layout of my Filofax needed to change in order for it to work better!

It is now :-

Loyalty cards etc still in front credit card holder

Tab 1 : Meal Tracker from 1 weeks worth, and details on AVON houses I need to collect the catalogues from!

Tab 2 : Lined and unlined paper for general note scribbling!

Tab 3 : Finance

Tab 4 : To do lists

Tab 5 : Pink week on two pages diary for appointments

Tab 6 : Month on two pages and behind them white week on two pages for journaling or to remember important things!

A – Z for contacts

Map of the World

Plastic top opening envelope!

Shall see how this layout works for me this week.  I am still awaiting my zip lock plastic pocket from Filofax UK to arrive, which hopefully will be soon.

In the meantime I am seriously considering a ruler and post it notes accessories!