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Centre Parcs 5th – 9th Sept (Sorry but the pictures won’t line up!)


I can’t believe we are over a 6 weeks since we went to Centre Parcs!  I am now on a major update this blog quest!

Monday Sept 5th saw Si, Luke and I head off to Centre Parcs in Elveden for the week!  We had been there before and since having Luke we are becoming quite accustomed to going to Centre Parcs at least once a year!  It is just such a great place for kids!

Elveden is great for us, because it is only about 1hr 30mins drive from home, so whilst you get the feeling you are away, you don’t have the long car journey at either end, which is lovely!

We left home at about 12pm, as we could check in at 2pm, having booked the Fly Start package with the villa.  The drive was uneventful and we arrived in good time.

Our villa was very close to all the amenities, so although we had bikes, we actually never used them, as walking was quicker and easier!  What was also nice, was that we were close enough to still pick up with WiFi single in our villa!  Big plus point!  LOL!

Ok, so here are the pictures, sorry but it is picture heavy!

The outside of the lodge/villa!

We always take the Woodland Lodge option now, as they are just so much nicer and for the same money!

Front of the lodge.

We were overlooking the lake, and so here is our view :-

Lovely isn’t it?  Of course this did mean we had the local wildlife visiting daily!  Much to Luke’s enjoyment.

We had booked Luke into an activity of sorts each day, to keep him in some sort of routine!  Monday we had a rest day, due to the travelling, getting bikes and just generally getting our bearings!

Tuesday, Luke was booked in for Soccer School, which was a total waste of money!  The chap who took it, was rattling on about when he played and it just never kept the attention of the younger participants!  Luke attends Little Kickers weekly so is used to football, but he did not like this!  So much so, we actually never stayed to the end, as he refused to take part! Opps!

Luke taking part, before the Coach opened his mouth!

Once the coach started talking, this was Luke!  Hence us leaving!

Luckily there was a really good play area just outside the main block and so we took him there to expel some energy, which he did, happily!

King of the Castle!

The afternoon he was booked to attend the Teddy Bears Picnic, which is always good fun!  So this one was no different!  Of course he was overjoyed to see Rupert the Bear again!

Luke and his Pal!

Tuesday was Goldilocks and the 3 Bears on stage performance in the morning, which was very good, I must say!  Luke was gripped the whole way through and really seemed to have a good time!

The Cast!

A quick spot of lunch at The Pancake House :- 

before it was time for Luke to attend Fencing for Tots! Told you he was busy!

Luke all kitted out!

His final activity for the week was Roller Tots, and that to he thoroughly enjoyed!

As you can see from all these pictures, Luke had a wonderful time and was certainly kept busy.

We ate for lunch and dinner every day and whilst Si or I never booked anything for ourselves, we had fun just watching Luke, relaxing, resting, reading, and just being a family!