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Pocket Filofax’s


I recently decided that I would like to have a Pocket Filofax to use as my carry round purse / diary.

I did not realise the selection!  I already had the Hamilton, but as I said earlier it was very hard and did not have enough pockets!

So I narrowed it down to the Chino and the Urban :-

The Chino :-

Black Chino

Really like the front big pocket however I was a little disappointed to see that there was no big back wallet, like the Urban, which is ideal for keeping notes in!  But do still like it, but not my first choice!

Overall I think this is a lovely Filofax and I love the fabric it is made out of, but I just don’t think it will work for me!  So I am test driving the Urban for a while first!

Ahh isn’t it lovely?  I love the colour, the feel of it, the pockets, just everything!  Great outside pocket, perfect for holding coins!

Don’t you love this front layout?

Loving these colour tabs, such a refreshing difference from cream!

So enough of the pictures already, how am I using it?  Well here goes : –

Looks good doesn’t it?  Here are the details of what is actually in there :-

Front pockets hold my bank cards, drivers licence and credit card

Plastic credit card holder,with library card, garage card, etc in them

Plastic film

Tab 1 – Month on two pages, details of AVON houses I need to collect catalogues from!

Tab 2 – Plain and lined pages for notes, ideas, etc

Tab 3 – Finance pages, to monitor my shopping habits!

Tab 4 – To do list

Tab 5 – Diary for appointments

Tab 6 – Diary for journaling – gonna try any way!

Address labels!

Lets see how well this works for a while!

A5 Domino in Red


This filofax was a total bargain!  I saw it a few months ago online at W H Smith, and when I ordered it they had run out of stock and could not fulfill my order.  A sign I thought, not meant to have it.  However I still kept checking and deep down still desired it!

Then one day browsing I came across a lady who had used a Red A5 Domino as a patchwork binder!  Wowzers I thought, I just love that idea and suddenly my desire turned to WANT and I had to have one!

Luckily W H Smith were doing a half price sale on Filofax’s and I just could not pass it up!

If you have been following my blog, for a while you will realise I am a huge crafting person and I have so many WIP’s, projects I want to do, yarn, fabric, cross stitch etc, and nothing in one place, so this was my goal!

The A5 is definitely a work in progress and will take lots of tweaking but at the moment I am loving the layout and ideas that are evolving!

Ah doesn’t it look lovely?

How full is it already?  Now to give the explanations of what is in there!

Again lots of card slots and a picture of my son about 4 days after being born!

Week on 2 page layout with appointment times, LOVE this layout as I can see the entire week at once, which is a great help.  Although this is a craft-o-fax, I do still need a diary in it, so I can see what courses etc I may be attending!

Needs to be sorted section – so things like car insurance etc are put here!

Home section – so anything that is home related goes here!

Wants section

Finance – yearly budget, and all receipts for online purchases go in here till they arrive!

Addresses – however I am now going to type these out an a Word template, rather than use these!

Stash section – have pictures of fabric, some yarn and patterns in here

Crochet – current projects, tutorials for items I want to make, pictures of blankets I want to make!

Knitting – details on some yarn, details about current projects

Sewing – fabric pictures, patterns, etc here

Recipe section

Plastic top opening envelope with pictures of future quilt items I need to start

What I do like with this size filofax is that I can fit A5 plastic pockets in it.  Ok, I did have to buy a single hole punch in order to have them lined up but it works and I can use the punch on all my filofax’s, which is great!

At the moment I am loving the A5, but like I say, it is a work in progress and no doubt things will keep changing over time!

Personal Domino in Grape


This was a Christmas (2009) present, as I had been using my Pocket Hamilton but was finding it a bit too small for my everyday life, as you can see from the pictures below :-

As you can see it is really bursting at the seems!

It took me a while to decide on the layout to use in the Domino, I had started with the Family Pack, but quickly realised that actually it just was not for me!  So I tried week on 2 pages with appt and again found not really as I needed a column for daily todo’s as well!

Thanks to Steve over at he found the perfect layout for me at the Filofax France website for Personal!  Page per day with to do and notes section!  Perfect!

How cool is this layout?  I find it perfect for my needs, EXCEPT Saturday and Sunday don’t have To Do sections!  The 2 days of the week that I probably have the longest To Do list and nothing, so I tend to write them on the right hand side of the day, as there are almost 2 columns where you can write appointments.

This now serves me perfectly for my daily life and permanently sits open on my desk and helps me through out they day, track what needs to be done and each evening I fill out the next days To Do list!

I really don’t have alot in the Filofax, as I don’t carry it around with me anymore, as to be honest I found it a little bit big, and as I am trying to reduce the weight of my handbag, rather impractical!  I needed smaller!  But that is to come!

So here is how my Domino is layed out :-

A few cards, nothing really important, and pictures of my Son, gotta have pictures like that to look at first thing in the morning to make the day start right!

My layout goes :

Plastic cover

Tab 1 – Diary behind – Page per day with Todo and Notes sections

Tab 2 – Lined paper for notes and ideas that may arise throughout the day!  So rather empty!  LOL!

Tab 3 – Telephone Numbers listing for close contacts that I may need on hand!

Plastic credit card holder – for business cards etc

Plastic top opening wallet

I use a mechanical pencil in this Filofax as appts etc can change so often and I HATE scribbling out!

So that in a nutshell is my Personal Domino in Grape.  One thing I will say, I love the colours both inside and out, however I am not sure with heavy day to day handbag use, the outside would remain very nice!

But overall all LOVE it and RECOMMEND it!

Filofax update


I have recently been twittering alot about Filofax’s and what I am gonna use mine for etc.

I have been a Filofax user for well over 20yrs but not continuously!  Since the introduction of Smartphones a few years back, my Filofax took a bit of a back seat as I thought it great everything was on my phone.  Till one day my phone died!  Hmmm, now what?  So as much as Smartphones are awesome, I now use mine mainly for emails, Facebook and Twitter, although my contacts are all on there, I do have back up now!

I also prefer the ability to jot notes down, make diary entries easily, and at the end of the day, nothing beats pen and paper!

So onto my filofax’s, notice it is plural!

I am currently running 3!  Yes you read that right 3, with about 5 or 6 backups!  That is awful isn’t?  My you see my Filfoax uses and layout change almost yearly, and so I tend to rotate on a rather regular basis!

I currently own :

A5 Metropol Zip (bought when I was planning my Wedding in 2007 and was my life!)

A5 Domino in Red – currently being used as my craft filofax (separate post on that later!)

Personal Metropol Slimline – don’t really use this as find it too thin and does not hold enough!

Personal Domino in Grape – my current daily desk diary (separate post on that later!)

Pocket Hamilton in Black – find it too hard and not very flexible and not enough pockets etc!

Pocket Urban – only just received, but currently really liking the layout for purse / diary (separate post later on that!)

Pocket Chino in Fawn and Black – yes 2! Bought one and won one by mistake!  (again separate post later!)

So as you can see I do have quite a collection I have built up over the years, but I love them all, and the thought of parting with any really isn’t an option I bear to consider!  Although I may see if my brother or Mom want a Pocket!

Right off to blog about some of them individually as they really do deserve their own post!

Finally a Luke update


So Luke is now 2yrs 2months and 1 day old!  My goodness, amazing to think he is growing so fast!

I don’t think I did blog about this, but we changed Luke’s nursery at the end of May.  The one he had been attending since he was 5mths old was just not cutting it anymore and we had a few disagreements, and I was no longer comfortable with them looking after my son, so we moved him.  He now attends a small, private, family nursery, just 5mins from the house, and he loves it!  We have up’d his mornings to 4 a week, as he gets bored being home, and Friday’s are a Mummy and Luke day, where we do swimming or visit my parents.

But the new nursery is just awesome!  The first week or so was tough as he was pretty upset going, but then something must of clicked, because he soon, started telling me to go and he as happy as Larry!

He has come on so much with this nursery, as well, now being able to count upto 9, sing the alphabet song (not perfect but you know what he means), and recognizing colours!

So best decision we made so far!

For Luke’s birthday he got a little three wheeler bicycle with a handle on the back for us to push him.  Well that never lasted long, because within the month he is riding it himself and loving it!  Here are a few pictures of him doing just that!

Am loving the fact that he insists on wearing his helmet when riding his bike, teaching him well!



The last time I went to Southwold was when DH and I started dating some 9yrs ago!  I knew I always wanted to go back but never got round to it!

So a few weekends back, I decided, lovely weather, Luke needed to get out the house, lets go off to Southwold for a change!

It was lovely.  Admittedly, there isn’t much to do, except for the beach, but we had lunch, rather Simon and Luke had lunch at a lovely restaurant on the Pier, where Luke could watch all the passing people, and shout hello to them all!  It was just nice to get out, have some fresh air and not be indoors!

Finally a picture of Luke and Mummy at the restaurant.

Fabric Rehab


I promised Nancy and Sally over at Fabric Rehab that I would blog about my visit there, but once again time has run away with me and so I am only getting it done now!  At least it is getting done!

I found Fabric Rehab whilst looking for some fat quarters, and after many emails we arranged for me to be able to pop across to the shop and have a nose around!

Wow what an awesome selection of fabrics they have!  I took my good friend Cheryl and we were like kids in a candy shop!  It is was fantastic to have such bright, vibrant, cheerful, happy fabrics so close to us!

Here is a taster of what was on show!

So with so much beauty I just could not resist buying a small stash!

Thank you ladies for a lovely few hours of chatting, tea and prettiness!

Something pretty!


Whilst I may not be a girlie girl, I do like having pretty things around me, so when I saw this I just knew I had to have it!

If you haven’t worked it out, it is a lovely cool bag, that I figured I needed to take with me this weekend, when I go the CLA Game Fair, to store my shakes and Luke’s food!


Quick craft update!


Well, the weather has been so hot and humid that crafting is not something generally I am doing alot of right now!  Roll on Autumn and Winter I say!  However I have managed to make this :-

Made out of some stash fabric this was surprisingly easy to do!  The good thing is it can be used for other stuff once Luke outgrows the need for nappies!

My ripple blanket is coming on nicely, albeit slowly due to not working too much on it.  Damn this weather!  Here is what it looks like now : –

I realise this blanket is going to take a while to do, and at this rate it will be 2013 before it is done, but I am enjoying it and it is BIG!!!!  Starting chain is well over 300!