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Bad blogger!


Well I have been a bad blogger, and that is not good! Sorry!

What have I been doing since June 9th? Well, I joint a new local scrapbooking club, which was fun and great to get back into! I now attend that every third Tuesday of the month! I have now done 2 more layouts for my SIL’s wedding album so that is coming on nicely, almost finished. Just 2 more layouts to be done. So that will be a WIP for 2007 done!

I bought two wonderful new carry bags for my scrapbooking stuff as well, which are great, well chuffed with them. Will have to take pictures and post later! So spent yesterday sorting them all out! Still too much stuff to fit in them though!

Knitting, well the Forest Canopy had to be frogged a bit due to lack of concentration, so have not picked it up since. it was only 1 repeat but it was frogging, no matter how much! I must get back into it as I really want to get it finished!

I am in a knitted dishcloth swop and that is great. I am about 3/4 of the way through, and it is looking great. I am loving the colour. It is due to get posted on the 14th July.

Cozy shrug is coming on nicely and is easy to knit, did another repeat of it last night. It is growing well but it does use loads of yarn! Just as well I bought 10 balls at the start!

Socks, hmmmm not done much more as I have been doing my dishcloth! However the dishcloth should be finished tonight so then it is back to them!

What else has been going on that is not craft related! Well I went to Taverham Garden Centre a few weekends back for lunch. It was lovely. Took about 1hr 30min to get there and only stayed about an hour as had to get back home to visit MIL. It was lovely while I was there!

Hubbie and I went and watch We Will Rock You on Saturday. Our local Co-Op Juniors put it on it Ipswich and it was great. The storyline as a bit c**p, and the singing was not the best but it was good! We really enjoyed it!

Yesterday I went to a card making and scrapbooking show that was local. It was not great but it was alright. I got some bargains so that is always a good thing!

Wedding update – how you ask as it has been! Well we have been working on our album from our photographer. We had to select just 150 from all he took for it, which was hard! We have finally done that and am waiting for the draft to come through to approve. It then gets sent to New Zealand and gets produced. Really looking forward to having it back!

Well life gets a busy from here on in, till end of Sept, which is great! Not sure how much blogging I will get done but I will certainly try!

Oh and I have started a walk / jog program! I go out 3 times a week and do walk / jog and so far so good! Really enjoying it!

Well I think I have rabbited on a bit much, so still next post, bye bye.


Natural Dye Studio


Today the knitting group I attend had an outing to Natural Dye Studio in Hollesley. It was just lovely!

Lois collected me at 1030hrs and we headed out there. It really is in the Suffolk countryside, in a wonderful secluded venue!

Amanda, was just lovely and showed us how the dyeing is done, and explained the process to us, and we were then let loose on the shop, which of course was the best part! Great yarns, great colours, how can a girl not shop! So of course a number of purchases were made. I bought some silk yarn for a shawl and some more sock yarn! Yes I know still trying to make my first sock but hey ho at least I have stash for when I have mastered it!

Got home at about 1300hrs! Great day, thank you!

Here are some pictures of our outing :-

Tea and cakes on arrival, hmmmm lovely!

Amanda’s daughter doing the spinning to get them into 50g skeins. Each batch is 500g and she winds them into 50g skeins and can do 15 x 500g skeins a day. Wow, she was so fast!

Amanda selecting her different kinds of yarn before they are dyed.

The process begins…..

The finished colour, before the washing process

Put out to dry, look at those lovely colours, hmmmmm

Ready to sell and in the shop, oh to fondle the yarn……..the colours are gorgeous, the softness just scrummy, I must buy!!!!

Oh whats this? I am buying………

and here is my purchase :-

100g of sock yarn

easy ankle sock pattern

500g silk yarn

hmmm, off to cast on the ankle sock now…….

Knitting update…..


Here is my cozy shrug all ready to be started! Going to cast on tonight!

Forest Canopy shawl update, here are the lifelines and close ups of where I am so far. There are about 170 stitches on my needles, so nearly at the 195, but I may do a few more repeats as I have quite a bit of yarn left at the moment!

I am loving the stripes on it at the moment, and it is now working out that the stripes are getting thinner as the rows get more stitches, so it is cool!

First Steps jacket, this the one sleeve, still have another one to do after this and then it is done! It is starting to loose my interest as I feel it is not challenging me, but I know that will change when it comes to trying to sew it up!