Thurs 8th April ’10


Why have I started a post with a date?  Simply because I think that is the date that my life changed and Saturday 17th April will be the date it officially changes!

Now I bet I have you wondering, what is she going on about?  Right?  So let me explain further……………

Thursday is nursery for my son and on this particular morning whilst carrying my son to the nursery door, I tripped!  My crocs got caught in my trousers and I went arse over tip!

Luckily my son was not hurt, he was just shocked.  I on the other hand did not come off so lightly and hurt both my knees, my right ankle, both my arms, my back and my nerves!!!

I can’t believe how quick and easily it happened, and since it having happened I can’t seem to get out of my head, what if I had fallen on him!

I am a BIG girl, weighing in at near enough 16st!  That is an awful lot of weight to land on a little 2yr old, should it ever happen again!

I know I keep trying diets and I must have tried everyone out there, but I keep failing.  The main reason being, because I struggle to commit to a certain time each week night!


I think I have found the answer!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning in Felixstowe they have a Weight Watcher’s meeting!  How cool!  No need to worry about childcare as my husband can look after Luke and I can commit to each Saturday morning, and over time, Luke will be starting Little Kickers on a Saturday morning, so whilst hubby takes Luke, I can attend my meeting!

So I am sorted!

Saturday 17th April 2010 is my official start on the weightloss journey and this time I won’t be getting off till I have reached my destination, now matter how bumpy the ride!

I have started a weightloss blog if you would like to follow it :


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