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Map of Africa…


This was taken in March the last time I had stitched on this chart!
Here it is after the bank holiday weekend, when I managed to do a bit more!
I really enjoyed stitching it and have decided that this will be my 2007 cross stitch project as I want it finished now!

What do you think?

3rd day since….


joining stashlong on my the knitting forum I am a member of!

Stash = knitting yarn

The idea behind it is that you don’t buy any stash for a set length of time, during which you have to use what you have! The only knitting related thing you can buy is either pattern or equipment, that will help to use the yarn!

Although I don’t have huge amounts of stash, I am starting to expand it, and thought lets nip it in the bud now, and this seemed to be the perfect way to do it. How I long I will last, is anyones guess! However so far so good, but it is only 3 days in!

In other news, went to knitting club last night, and the pub we go to had a Mexican evening, and it was great! The food was just gorgeous and the knitting wasn’t too bad either!

I was in Peterborough Wed and Thurs as my aunt from Australia was over visiting. It was lovely to see her again.

So bank holiday weekend, plans? Nothing really, chilling out, knitting, reading the usual!

Will update with some pictures later!

Happy Birthday to me!


Well today is my 33rd birthday, WOW!! I certainly don’t feel that old, but hey ho I am! So what has my day been like…..

It started with my wonderful husband making me breakfast in bed, and giving me some wonderful presents :

So what is the bag???? The wool winder is a given! In the cream bag were :-

I did choose them myself, but I love them! My parents and brother then came from P’boro to spend the day with me, and we met Si’s parents at a local pub for lunch. The meal was fantastic, such great food. We then came back to ours for coffee and more presents!

Yes those are Denise needles!! Yippeeee as well as a book, gift vouchers wine, and some great new headphones for my Ipod as well as a connector to use my Ipod in the car! Fantastic! So rather spoilt!

I have tried out the wool winder already, with some success and some great knots but that is joy of learning!

It is great fun, but I do think a yarn swift will be on Christmas list if I can hold off that long! Also bought my self some yarn as a birthday present!So the rest of my day will be spent sorting out my stash and yarn and getting my knitting bag sorted and then it will knit, knit, knit with a glass of wine! Bliss!

Knitting update for this weekend…………


Well been knitting away this weekend, trying to anyway!

Here is my dishcloth so far. Does not look anything like the pattern, so not sure what I am doing wrong! It is knitted in Debbie Bliss 100% cotton. Going to carry on with it, just to see how it turns out!

More sock yarn!!!!!! Addiction has started!
I think I may have fixed my sock! When I started knitting in the round, I was getting the stockinette stitch on the inside, so frogged it and started again and so far so good! Realised that when you start the knitting section start with the needle you did your last rib stitch on and bingo it worked!

So have a good weekend knitting wise.

Not done anything on my shawl not sure if I will as really enjoying the socks, but we shall see later!

Knitting update………


Here at last is a picture of my forest canopy shawl. I have frogged a few rows but it is looking good. I am enjoying knitting it, but I don’t seem to get loads done, so going to work on it this weekend, hopefully!

STASH!!!!!! Here is my sock starter kit!
I managed to cast on last night at SnB and here is the work so far!

Only 2 rows in!

So what have I been upto? Well knitting wise, I am onto the sleeves for my babies jacket, having just done the collar. That is going well, it is so easy to stitch that I can pick up as and when!

FC shawl, is taking its time. I lost concentration when doing it and had to frog it, not good, but it is fine now, thank goodness for lifelines!

Socks, well I have bit the bullet and am now attempting socks. Found the cast on a bit tricky, but thanks to help at my SnB got that done! Now I will work away and see how it goes!

In other things in my life, I think I may have hit my post wedding blues this week! Feeling really low, and that I missing something, do hope it passes!

But other than that all is well. I am suffering with terrible headaches at the moment. Had a migraine last weekend and have had a headache ever since! Off to see DR hope he can help!

Other than that things are going well! Will update knitting again soon!

Back from honeymoon……….


Well we are back after spending 10 wonderful days at One&Only Le Saint Geran in Mauritius. It was heaven!

We left on Wed 18th, took a drive to Heathrow and stayed overnight as our flight was delayed 12 hrs but that was fine. Flew out Thurs 19th and arrived at some stupid time at night. Finally got to our hotel room at half past midnight!

The hotel was out of this world. The attention to detail was spectacular, right down to the waiters carried your plate to your table once you had served your buffet! and every night we got a different lot of flowers put on our bed, with a our slippers laid out beside it and a chocolate on the headboard!

Whilst there, there were 2 weddings which were lovely, the one was very high profile, the owners daughters wedding and that was something else!

So we spent most days on the beach relaxing and reading our books and I topped up my tan! Came back very brown!!!!!! Although there was quite a bit to do there, and we did try golf, tai chi, pedalo, kayaking and snorkling. As well has having a wonderful massage in the Givenchy Spa!

When you sat on the beach you had little service flags and so if you wanted anything you just raised a flag and waiters came running, it was great fun!

Fantastic honeymoon!

Back to the daily grind now and actually glad to be back, can get back to some sort of normality now! We get all our wedding presents tomorrow, so we are really looking forward to that!

Well till next post, bye bye!