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Cross stitch update


Well I last posted a picture on the 5th Sept, so to recap :-

and this was taken before I started work on it today!  Have almost done the Lion am hoping to finish him tomorrow, so will post again Sun or Mon!

It is coming on really well and I am thrilled with it.  Almost done, so if I can get the lion and flowers on this side done this weekend, then I am left with the giraffe, flowers and lettering of the other side.

Maybe I will beat my target of having it done before he is one!

I have also gone and bought an afghan this week as I want to stitch the alphabet for him on it, so he can learn from it when he gets older, so I really do need to get this sampler done!

Quick update from last post


Wow 5th Sept was the last post, so a quick run down of what has been happening over the last few weeks!

W/c 8th Sept saw majority of Luke’s activities start, so the week took alot of organising and work to get through!  This is how the week went :

Mon 8th was our hypno girl weekly meeting.  We all attend a hypnobirthing class together when we were pregnant and have remained friends ever since.  It was wonderful as our children are all so close together and I really think there are some lasting friendships being formed there!

Baby yoga started on Tuesday and that was great fun, even if I could not walk for a few days afterwards.  Luke loved it, and again great meeting other new moms!  Luke managed the full 45min session and he did sleep very well afterwards so I know he enjoyed it!  I think it is a wonderful activity for him, as it really touches different sense etc, and helps with development!

Wednesday saw us attend Baby Bounce at our local library.  It is only 35mins but really good fun.  We literally just all sit in a circle on the floor and sing different sogns with actions to our little ones.  Luke just watches everyone and wonders what is going on.  But he is getting used to it more and more and I do think he enjoys it.  Again he does sleep rather well afterwards!

I took Luke to get weighed on Thursday 11th and he was 16lbs 4ozs!  So thriving well.  The afternoon I had my post natal pilates, but it did not go too well for me.  My back is really playing up and so I can’t do much of it and as a result have decided not to continue with it!  Sad but my back is just too painful, so only one session left and then I am calling time on it!

Mini Melodies was on Friday morning.  A sing-a-long session designed at babies with puppets etc, it was really good and Luke loved it.  He was in awe at all the different props that were used!  So I think I made a good choice there signing up for it!

Saturday was my first full day away from Luke.  He stayed with Daddy whilst I went and had an eye test and then went on a learn to knit course.  I already know how to knit but I wanted to brush up on the basics again and it was well worth it.

So my weeks now are pretty much the same, with the same activities, but this week coming we are adding in nursery!

Yes Luke has his taster sessions over the next two weeks, getting him ready for his official start on Oct 6th!

Crafting update


Well with the 4 days away, I managed to work loads on my cross stitch, just hoping I can continue this weekend!

 At the start of the holiday, this is how much was done!

By the end, this much was done!








I managed to knit the back of Luke’s sweater and just need to get now start casting on for the sleeves, have not taken any pictures of it, must do that!!!!

Reading – I am currently enjoying Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber!  I just love her books and this is another one in the Blossom Street series, and it is just an easy, enjoyable storyline!  I am hoping to order her Cedar Cove series this weekend, well at least the first one to give it a try!

Woodland Leisure Lodge


Simon and I booked to take Luke on our first family holiday!  So from Mon 1st – Fri 5th we stayed at this lodge :-

It was absoluetly lovely!  It slept 6 people, so was rather roomy for just the 3 of us!  Based in Trimingham near Cromer, it was very secluded in woodlands and was just lovely!

The weather was not great, it rained a few days, but that was fine, as we went there to chill out, not to rush around trying to see loads!  So I managed to do a fair bit of my cross stitch, did some reading and knitting as well, and just spent time as a family!  Bliss!


Luke had his first swim!  He was not too sure about it, but he never screamed even when Si dunked him under the water!  We took him twice and I am sure over time he will get better, but he seemed to enjoy himself this time!  Roll on the swimming lessons!




My family drove down on the Thurs to spend the day with us, which was lovely, although it did rain all day, which was not great!

Overall it was lovely to just get away!