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Craft-o-Fax Update! (at last!)


Some of you will remember my beloved Craft-o-Fax that I set up last year?

Here it is in all it’s glory, bursting at the seams!  Yes my lovely Red Domino A5 is packed to capacity and more!

So I thought that 2011 I needed to be better organised and after bidding on another A5 on Ebay I won an A5 Black Identity!

It really is rather uninspiring but actually I still really like it!  I set about setting it up straight away, and this what it is looking like now :-

The inside front cover!

List of 2011 Crafting Goals!

Section 1 – contains all my knitting patterns of projects I want to complete this year.  I have a today marker placed on the pattern I am currently working on and mark the pattern where necessary as I go!

Section 2 – is for my crochet projects!

Section 3 – has pictures of all my cross stitch projects that I am doing in 2011!

Section 4 – has a list of all the books I want to read, not necessarily in 2011 but I am hoping to make quite a dent to it this year!

Section 5 – houses my sewing projects that I want to make, not a lot in here to be honest, only about 3 but that is enough!

Section 6 – has a copy of 101 things to di n 1001 days list, as well as patterns I have completed I take out of the relevant section and house here.  There is also a pad of paper, some empty to do lists and quadrille paper in this section!

Finally at the back I keep a knitting book called ‘Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters’ just in case I need to check how to do something, at least I have the reference on hand rather than  having to go search for it!

So that is my Craft-o-Fax no 2!

Hope you like it, or at least the sound of it! LOL!



Craft update


I have been crafting quite a bit I think, but not 100% sure on what! LOL! So I am going to try and do an update and see what gets shown!

Christmas Decorations, bought these last year planning to put them on the tree in 2009 but that never happened, so hopefully we can have on the 2010 tree!

I have bought some really tiny beads to do the eyes and where the french knots are meant to be, as I can’t do french knots!

After seeing my friend Cheryl and her showing me the needlecase she made, I wanted to give one a go and this was the result!  I do like it, but I think it needs a fastening to keep it closed!

I have cast on Lady Kina, but as you can see from this, I haven’t really done much!  At the point I need to increase another 148sts and just haven’t had the peace to do it!  One day, soon, hopefully!

Of course I had also finished this for a swap, as mentioned in a previous post.

Here is the ripple blanket so far!  Taking ages to do but am getting there!

This is how wide it is now :-

Oh, such a long way to go!

Ok, so I know this is totally wonky, but it kinda appeals to me!  I am wondering if it has anything to do with the whole being left handed thing and this is the outcome?  I did figure it was a blanket that would be draped around you does it really matter!

I think that is all I have been upto at the moment!  I really do want to press on with more stuff, but time is once again not my friend!

Seaside Swap – Phoenix Knitting


In August I took part in a Seaside Swap that was on Phoenix Knitting forum.

I really enjoyed it and maybe it is because I did something totally different! Here is what I sent my swapee :-

I really loved making the cross stitch picture, it really never took that long at all!  So nice and small, quick and easy!

Here is what I received :-

Sorry, but I laid the dishcloth the wrong way round when I photographed it, and did not realise!

Natural Dye Studio – knit under the willow tree


Sunday 8th August was our knit under the willow tree day at (The Natural Dye Studio)

What a wonderful day it turned out to be!  The weather was a concern to begin with, but that soon cleared up and it was just wonderful, to not have to worry about childcare, etc and just sit under a tree with a whole bunch of ladies, and of course Phil and enjoy knitting, chatting, eating, laughing, relaxing, oh the list could go on!

Here are a few pictures from the day!

Looking forward to hopefully another great day next year!

Thank you to Amanda, Phil and Cheryl for the wonderful organisation!

Birthday swap


On Ravelry, there was a Birthday Swap, where you signed up and got allocated a partner and then you swapped gifts for your birthday.

I got a lovely lady in the States and this is what she sent me :-

There were so many things it was amazing and the truly astonishing thing was it actually arrived on my birthday!

There were 2 skeins of yarns, lots of sweets, 2 magazines, a book mark, a card, a mug, a toy for Luke, a pin cushion and a sewing set!

Thank you again, Fuddles!

Feb update!


I really need to think of more interesting post titles, mine seem awfully boring!  Hmmmmmm.

So I am not going to go into what Feb has been like, and instead I am going to post pictures and give descriptions!  So here goes, what happened in Feb!

I finished my Simple Yet Effective Shawl.  It was made from Trekking XXL and I did about 1.5 repeats of the pattern.  It currently measures 96cms wide unblocked!  Will hopefully be blocked this coming week!

My ripple blanket is coming on well.  I have not spent as much time as I had hoped on it, but still progress is going well.  I am hoping that you can see just how the colour sequence is going to be going?  It is going to large, but hopefully cuddly!  So still loving the ripple!

This was going to be a granny square blanket with different size squares, etc, however I realised that if I did that it will never get finished!  So instead I have decided to do something different and join the 2 large and 8 small, another set, similar to above still needs to be joint!  And then I am going to work rows, large squares, small squares and more rows and hopefully it makes a lovely blanket!  I realise it may all be sounding a bit strange, but all I can say is what this space!

I really must take a better picture, however here are the squares so far my Summer Blanket!  Again it is going to be a mix of big and small squares.  The yarn is Anchor Magicline and is a dream to crochet with.  I have 55balls to make up, so another LONG term project!

I took part in a Valentines Swap on the Phoenix Knitting Forum.  It was a wonderful little swap that did not take much time, but loads of fun!  Above is the picture of what I sent, and this is what I received

Cross stitch update.  This is not really coming on a quickly as I had wished, however I am still enjoying working on it when I get the chance!  It will take a while, but hey ho!