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2010 Review!


I am still struggling to come to grips with the fact that we are at the end of yet another year!  Time is passing so quickly!

2010 certainly had it’s highs and lows, but overall it has been a good year!

I can’t believe how much Luke has changed in 12 months!  Here he is on Christmas Day ’09…

and here he is Dec ’10 …………………….

He is really coming into his own now, and doesn’t stop talking all the time!

2010 saw us change his nursery, and I have to say it has been the best decision we could of made.  His new nursery is lovely and he is so happy there.

Our biggest event in 2010, was Simon changing jobs, not through personal choice, but we are getting on with it and things are going ok!

The weather in 2010 has not been the best, but hey is it ever!  Since arriving in the UK in 1998, I have never been through a Summer or Winter, where the public are happy!  I must just say that the news reports that took place in Dec ’10 could of been the same as that run in Dec ’09!!!  It seems the Govt, no matter which one, ever learns and the UK can never cope with snow, no matter how much or little!

We had a few local holidays in 2010, not ever travelling very far, but we did go to Longleat and Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest this year.  Both we nice, much needed breaks!

I have met ALOT of wonderful people in 2010.  Alot are Filofax related, and all are lovely people.  I am hoping that 2011 sees another Philofaxy event taking place!

A very brief review, I know, but 2010 was good, but here is hoping that 2011 is better!


Christmas Presents


Another Christmas is over and as I look back, I do actually wonder, what all the hype is about, where did it go, how could it pass so quickly?!?!

Luckily Luke never woke too early, and after a spot of breakfast we led him into the lounge to see what Santa had left him.  In hindsight, Santa’s gifts maybe should of been given last, as we could not get him to open anything else, for a while, he was so taken with the 3 he had opened!  Let’s just say we got there in the end after alot of persuasion and bribery!

I never did too badly actually.  Here is what I got :-

Pinking shears from my parents, and the threads are from Luke.

The threads have a bit of explaining to them!  Back in August, whilst at the Festival of Quilts, I signed up to a Block of the Month, called ‘A Quilter Lives Here’.  Anyway, I needed the threads in order to actually sew and quilt it!  They had been on my WANTS list since then and seemed a good Christmas idea for someone!  So thank you Luke, you made Mummy very happy!

My parents also bought me a bottle of Beautiful by Estee Lauder.  I do love this perfume!

My in-laws bought me Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen book!  I have really gotten into her style of cooking etc, since watching the TV show, so I really wanted the book!  I can see some scrummy meals in our future!

Another thing I really like is a design called Crazy Daisy, and so my Brother bought me this :-

It is so perfect!  Jumbo cup and saucer!  The cup holds my scrummy Mocha coffee each morning and the plate is large enough to have my toast on!  Such a lovely design to make me smile each morning!  Thank you Bro!

Finally, Simon, after much persuasion bought my ……………………………….

Click to view larger image

A5 Filofax punch!  It has been used so much since getting it!  I love it!

My brother and I cooked Christmas lunch, I just love spending time with my brother in the kitchen, preparing food!

The table before the food!  Recognise the placemats?

Ready to eat!

Overall a lovely Christmas Day!  Roll on the New Year, but we shan’t be doing anything special, will just stay indoors and see the New Year in at home in the warmth, with a bottle of Vino!

20 Christmas Questions


Whilst surfing blog land this week, I noticed a number of people had taken part in this questionnaire and it sounded really interesting, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

Here are my answers :-

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper all the way!  Even if I did use a gift bag, the present inside would still be wrapped!  I don’t really find it too much of a chore, I tend to put the Christmas music on and just work through the piles!

2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial, only because I can’t cope with the mess generated from a real one and also I wouldn’t know what tree to pick or where to go!

3. When do you put up the tree? 12 days before Christmas, or the weekend closest to that day!  This year we put it up on the 11th Dec!

4. When do you take the tree down?  12 days after Christmas, or the weekend closest to that date, so this year will be Jan 2nd, because the 8th is just TOO far away!  And with returning to work on the 4th, it only seems right to get the house back to normal in time for that as well!

5. Favourite gift received as a child? I honestly can’t remember!

6. Hardest person to buy for? My husband!

7. Easiest person to buy for? My son!  Only because he isn’t at that age where they ask for what they want, and just accept what is given!

8. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail, every time, except for overseas relatives then it is email!

9. Favourite Christmas Movie? Don’t really have a favourite Christmas movie, maybe it is because I never really watch movies!

10. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Dec 1st I compile my lists and all my shopping was done by Dec 8th this year!  Although majority was online and so I am have delivery issues, but fingers crossed they get here in time!  LOL!  Otherwise it will be receipts as proof of purchase to people on Christmas day!

11. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?  NEVER, that would just be rude!

12. Favourite thing to eat at Christmas?  Cranberry sauce and roast potatoes!

13. Lights on the tree (coloured or clear)? Coloured and flashing!

14. Favourite Christmas song? As sad as it may be my favourite Christmas song is ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ by Band Aid.

15. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Hmm, as a child I spent most Christmas’s away on holiday, as I have gotten older, my Christmas’s are now spent at home, however one day I do wish to have a Christmas holiday again!

16. Angel, star or ribbon on top of tree? Star!

17. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Why would you open your presents on Christmas Eve?!?!?!  Christmas morning, definitely!

18. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Amount of people in the shops!

19. What do you want for Christmas this year?  Filofax A5 punch, craft items and Nigella Lawson’s cook book, and a whole host of other things!

20. Traditional colours (red and green) or other colours? Traditional red and green!  On the tree only!

That was fun!  Anyone else want to play?  Please link me if you do!

Our Christmas tree this year!

Trifle Tuesday!


I happened to mention to a very good friend of mine, that one of things I really want to achieve is to make a trifle from scratch!

This all came about because I happened to say I was going to buy one for Christmas, to which she was horrified and said I could make one!  Shock and horror was all over my face at first, but I soon came round to the idea!

After receiving some wonderful instructions from her, I planned to full fill my challenge today!

With Luke at Nursery, I stopped by Tesco on the way home and stocked up on supplies!

My morning turned out to be really productive, here is what I made :-

Look good?  How about this :-

I am rather chuffed with myself, but in fairness, how hard is this really!?!

Base is sponge fingers, tinned fruit – drained, raspberry jelly, ambrosia custard and double cream, all topped off with crushed flake!

Tasting will take place after dinner tonight!

Another thing I have wanted to try is to make cupcakes and today I made some!  Ok, so they are from the Betty Crocker range, but let me tell you even a box can go wrong!  I will next time try them from scratch as I am more confident now to give it go!  Here is my end result :-

Look good do’t they and they taste pretty scrummy too!

My Tuesday has been another rather productive day!  Wrapped the last of the presents, wrote out all the family Christmas cards, washed all the sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers for 4 beds, tidied my kitchen, ran the dishwasher twice and then pottered around in the afternoon!

Wonder what Wednesday will hold?

One thing on top of the list is floor washing!  Yes I need to wash my kitchen floor tomorrow but I am actually wondering if worth it, with all the visitors that are about to descend on my house!

Shall see how I feel in the morning! LOL!

How did I spend my Monday?


Well this is the first day off I have had for ages, where I actually don’t have to do any work, and I don’t have to feel guilty for not working and it felt wonderful!  Admittedly I did send off 1 work email and make 1 call, but I can live with that!

So what did I do I hear you ask?  I was meant to go to a Beauty Salon this morning for a treatment but with the weather being as it has been, and the roads being like ice-rinks, I decided to instead stay safe and stay home!  I dropped Luke off at nursery, then came home and set myself up on the sofa, that lasted a whole 20mins before I got bored!

Having done a few chores I started preparing my charts, threads and fabrics for the Crazy January Challenge that starts Jan 1st!  Did not expect it to take all day, but it did!

All threads had already been ordered and so had the fabric, it was just a case of cutting the fabric to the required size, laminating all the charts and marking the centre of all the fabrics!

Yes, that took all day, and I loved it!  I am now officially ready to start!

Laying out the laminated charts, waiting for them to cool down!

Sorting out all the materials, fabrics, threads etc!  They will be stored in my quilt holdall, so I have all the projects in one place and can just pull them out as I need them!

Doesn’t this look cool?

So that is my Crazy January Challenge all setup and ready to go!

Tomorrow I will tackle the house cleaning and chores, or maybe I will do that on Wednesday! LOL!

All things Christmassy!


Here are all the things Christmassy around our house!!  Is Christmassy even a word?  LOL!

Our Christmas Tree!

Not the best picture but a lovely village scene, complete with moving train for Luke!

Luke’s Christmas stocking!

Large Christams stocking, but currently being used as a decoration as the presents are all too big to fit in it! LOL!

Luke’s advent calendar, however he does not like the chocolates I put in it, so Simon and I are going through them!

Our placements to be used on the day!

So all in all a rather homemade Christmas I would say, except for the presents!

What do you think?

Christmas 2010


How did it get to being December so damn quickly this year?

I am pretty much sorted, however I do have a few concerns!  Feeling rather smug for having done all my shopping online by Dec 8th, I am now STILL awaiting the arrival of some orders!  Everyone seems to blaming the bad weather, which I can appreciate, however I struggle to understand when I don’t really have bad weather by me!

So I keep my fingers and toes crossed that the balance of my gifts arrive this week, otherwise those missing gifts will be getting proof of purchase receipts and told to wait!  Oh dear!

My other concern, is that my family are due to travel down to me on Christmas Eve, however with this bad weather they are predicting I am hoping they make it ok, and I also pray we are able to make it to M&S to collect the Christmas food on the 23rd!  Otherwise it will be bangers and mash for Christmas Day lunch this year with Cranberry and Bread Sauce with Christmas Mince Pies and brandy cream for dessert!  Sounds delicious!  LOL!

I am looking forward to Christmas Day as Luke is now old enough to understand and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his present from Father Christmas!  Of course he will only be getting it if he is good!

Luke fell in love with this village scene in the shop so Si decided to buy it for him!  Here it is lit up!

What do you think?

Last year when we took Luke to Father Christmas it really was not a pleasant experience and he just screamed, so this year we were a little bit worried we would have the same reaction!  Wow, what a difference a year makes!  He was having a great chit chat with Santa this year!

My little boy is growing up!

7 sleeps to go!