Monthly Archives: February 2011

Now I know my ABC’s


I saw this on someone else’s blog, and I can’t for the life of me remember where!  Sorry!

A –  Age – 36, even though I don’t really feel a day over 25!

B – Bed size – Super King!  Love it, as it fits the 3 of us comfortably!  Keep your minds clean people, that is me, husband and OUR son in the morning!

C – Chore you hate – cleaning the toilets!!!!!

D – Dog’s name – we don’t have a dog

E – Essential start of the day item – some sort of hot drink!

F – Favourite colour – any shade of purple, and I also love pink

G – Gold or silver – Gold

H – Height – 5ft 5ins

I – Instruments you play – none, but I did play the recorder as a child

J – Job – I am a work at home mom for my family’s company

K – Kids – 1 son

L – Living arrangements – I live with my husband and son in a 4 bed detached house

M – Music you love – upbeat and catchy

N – Nicknames – None but as a child my family called me Polly?!?!?!

O – Overnight stay at hospital – yes, only twice in my life I can remember, when I had my tonsils out and then when I had my son

P – pet peeve – rudeness

Q – Quote from a movie – I don’t really have a favourite quote from a movie but a scene that gets me everytime is in Friends when Joey has the chicken on his head, and then Rachel or Monica puts the chicken on their head and scares him.

R – Right or left handed – left handed, although I do most things right handed

S – Siblings – 1 older brother

T – Time you wake up – 645am during the week and 730am during the weekends

U – Underwear – naturally!  No need to describe them!

V – Vegetables you dislike – courgettes and spinach

W – Workout style – intense, challenging and sweaty

X – X-rays you’ve had – neck and back

Y – Yummy food you make – cheesy chicken

Z – The best place to visit – Africa for the safari’s

Well this was fun and something different!