Monthly Archives: April 2007

Under a week to go!!!!!


OMG!!!! I have under a week to go and the wedding will be all over! Can not quite believe it!

It just seemed the other day, that we had 3 months to go and now I have a few days!

I have no nerves, the excitement is starting to arrive and to be honest I am really looking forward to it now!

So my week till the wedding goes :

Tues & Wed – Peterborough for work!

Thurs – nails and waxing being done, going to see the cake and flowers, collect bridesmaids and my dress, meet the videographer, and then I am off to knitting group in the evening!

Fri – Wedding Rehearsal at 530pm! I am also hoping to set up the reception room in the morning, and we have to collect the mens wear!

So busy week ahead but really looking forward to it.

I will try and post some piccies of the wedding before I head off to Mauritius on Wednesday 18th.

Craft wise – not done anything at all! Sorry!