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My baby is almost 2!


I can’t believe that Luke turns 2 next week!  The years are just flying by and every day he becomes even more adorable than the day before!

I never thought I would feel like this, but being a mother, truly is the old cliche of the best job in the world!  I have a little person who loves me unconditionally and whilst sometimes he doesn’t want to come to Mummy and he doesn’t want Mummy cuddles and kisses, but when he does it makes them all the more special!

The terrible twos hit at about 18mths, and whilst he is not as bad some children, for him, he is terrible!  We are learning to deal with them, and it is really just about setting boundaries that he understands and gets to learn.  I guess as adults if we get frustrated we shout, scream, swear or sulk!  For a 2 yr old he doesn’t quite know those feelings yet and so his tantrums, sulks, cries are his way of expressing it!

Luke is certainly turning into a lovely little boy and for that I am grateful!  He really is not a difficult child, and likes nothing more than to watch his favorite tv shows, read his books, play with Thomas the Tank Engine (thanks Mum and Dad for that!) or his Roary car’s!

His vocabulary and understanding of words grows every day and the things he says are just too funny!  I must have the only 2 yr old, who shouts out Mama Mia, not because I have been playing ABBA songs, but because Bella in Fireman Sam keeps saying it!

We are currently going through a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star phase, where he can sing the whole song, but some of the words are not right, but you know what he means!  It is just to cute!

So to my adorable son, I can’t believe you are almost 2 and have loved the last 2yrs of being your Mummy and can’t wait to see what the future years bring us!



I have been on a little bit of  a fabric splurge recently.  Only because I came across the most adorable fabric to make my son a quilt and just could not let it pass.

The first is Jolly Jungle by Makower UK.  There is a huge variety of designs, but these are just a few I chose :

Potential border fabric

Potential border

Corner panels

Cot quilt panel.

Potential fabric layout.

So what do you think?  How adorable is this material?  I think it will make an awesome quilt for Luke, if he doesn’t like it, it will be an awesome lap quilt for Mummy!!!

The next fabric I bought,  again, this I could not resist, only because it was all on sale and great prices, is Thomas the Tank Engine!  Luke is TTTE mad at the moment, so I thought a nice quilt and cushion would make his day!  He maybe alot older and out of the TTTE phase by the time he gets it, but lets hope not!  Anyway, here it is :

Cot quilt panel.

Cushion cover.

There are a few more items in the TTTE range I would like to get but that is on hold till I actually know what I am going to do with it all!

Good friends!


I have lots of friends, but very few I would call good friends, whom I know I can call on should I ever need to, and I don’t mean that in a nasty way at all!  I think we all have those types of friendships.

I do in particular have friend, whom I met via a knitting group and over the years we have become very good friends.  We both love crafts and that is was sparked our friendship.

Anyway it was her birthday the other day,  and as a thank you for her present, she sent me this :

The most amazing fabric postcard.  My face lite up when I received it through the post and it now has pride of place on my desk where I can see it every day and smile, at the reminder, of what a great friend I have!

Thank you Cheryl!

Box making


A very good friend of mine was running a fabric box making course at her local church in Woodbridge, the first week of May and needed a guinea pig to try it with her.  So I volunteered!

I am thrilled I did, because I really enjoyed doing it.  Ok, so my box is still not 100% complete I have an edging of satin stitch to still do around it, but it is not far off!

Here is my box so far :-



Once again time has flown by and I have not updated.  When will I ever get into a routine of blogging each Sunday or something!  Maybe that will be my goal for June!

The title says Avon and I guess you are wondering,  strange title!  Well I have become an Avon Rep.  It happened by accident really.  The Sales Leader popped round for a chat one afternoon and left having signed me up and 40 catalogues to deliver.  To say I was skeptical was an under statement.  Can this really work, do the public really order these kinds of products from the comfort of their armchair?

Well obviously they do!

I have found it a tremendous challenge fitting it in with my work, nursery, life schedule, but it actually seems to be working!

I tend to drop Luke off at nursery at 750am get back home, deliver or collect catalogues till 830 / 845 then start working.  Or I collect or deliver at about 12pm and then go and get Luke.

With Luke changing nursery on the 24th this is going to become a bit easier, as he will now be in from 745am to 1pm, giving my enough time to collect or deliver during my lunch break, before having to collect him.

But I am loving it!!!!!  Getting out for those 15/30mins in the morning, before I start work, just clears my head and sets me up for the day.  The paperwork side is great and not really alot too it, but the rewards are actually ok.

I am now onto my second campaign and am hoping it long continues.  I said I would try 4 campaigns and make a decision after that, but I think the decision has already been made, I will stick with it, for as long as can, because I really am enjoying it!