I have been after a new netbook for about a year, and finally decided that this year I was going to get one for my birthday!  So I have been saving and keeping an eye on prices etc and then along came Twitter and a lovely, lovely lady that I follow called TheFatGirlGone!

I started following her because she to is on a weightloss journey and then she posted, that she had a netbook she was wanting to sell, brand new!

A Samsung N210, it took me about 2hrs to decide, as I hadn’t even looked at Samsung machines!!!!!   But I bought it, the price was excellent, and I just could not believe my luck!

We were both nervous, selling and buying a machine via Twitter of all places, but has worked out fine, and I am now the proud owner of  a new Samsung N210 and I love it!

So thank you ever so much TheFatGirlGone!


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  1. Hi
    Yes that will work in Skype,

    Go to Skype, Tools, Options, under the General Tab look at Audio settings , give a little whistle and you should see if the mic is picking up your audio ok. I’m using a Samsung NC10 netbook. Great little machines.


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