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March 24th!


Apologies for the long delay in posting! Work is manic at present, and whilst it is great as it is our own business, it could not have happened at a worse time! The wedding is just 3 weeks away, and I can not believe it!

So wedding update :-

16th Mar saw Si and I have our Stag and Hen parties. Mine was very tame and was held at All Fired Up, where you can go and paint ceramics. Right up my street really! It was good fun and I had a lovely time. Si went 4×4’ing, quad biking and driving dirt carts!!! Again they all had fun which was good.

The men are all measured now and clothing all sorted. Bridesmaids all sorted, we have a final fitting on Saturday 31st Mar. My mom is now having an outfit made and she to is having a fitting on the 31st.

My dress is in having some slight alterations! So chuffed I still fitted into it, which was a huge relief, but I am going to try and lose a few pounds, but not many!

The favours are all bought and made now, the order of service, menus and thank you cards are being printed. So we are pretty much there!

Roll on 14th April!!!!

Craft news – Mom and I went to Stitch ‘n Craft today at Olympia and have to say what a disappointment! We are not going to go for a few years now as it just seems to be getting worse! Instead we are going to go to Knitting and Stitching at Alexandra Palace in Oct/Nov.

My shawl I am making is coming on really well and I must really post a piccie! Not to self, do it tomorrow!

That is all I have been doing really, work, work work!

Sorry so boring!


Weekend of visiting friends……..


This weekend has been great!

My brother, OH and I went to Weybridge on Saturday to attend a friends 40th birthday party, who we have known for the last 20yrs and not seen in about 5, although we talk over the phone and via email. It was a great time and we got to see so many old friends, it was just awsome!

I then stopped and saw another friend of mine on the way back today, in Horley, again whom I haven’t seen for the last 5yrs! So that was great!

We then got home and and went and saw OH’s sisters new home, which was lovely. We also then had OH’s other sister and husband and their little boy pop round!

So busy visiting day, but lovely!

Craft wise, I have finished both sides of the baby’s jacket now and that is coming on well. Need to cast on for the sleeves this week!

Been that long!


I can not believe my last post was 25th Feb! Sorry! Well we are now the 4th March and things are moving on well!

So updates!

Wedding – not much to update really. We had our first banns read this morning, and that went off fine with no hitches! Just 2 more to go and we can then officially get married in church! We are at 1 month 1 week and 3 days I think now, can not believe it! Nothing has really progressed since last post!

Knitting – I am yet to stitch up my mittens and baby hat, and I must really get it done! I made myself an Ipod cover today, which I will hopefully post a piccie of tomorrow! Very plain and simple but I like it and it saved me about 25 quid! Which is £25 more to spend on yarn!

The baby’s jacket is coming on well, I have done the back and am on row 77 of the left front. Need to get to 85 then I can start shaping the collar. It is a very easy knit and does not take too much thought! Just as well really!

Forest Canopy Shawl – I have started a knit-a-long on the Angel Yarns forum for beginners to lace knitting and we are each knitting one. So far it is coming on well, the thread! As for the actual shawl, I stitched some and have frogged it and need to start again but am waiting for my new needles to arrive which should be this week, then I can get really stuck in!

Talking about shawls, I have also bought the pattern for the Leaf Lace Shawl and Pi Shawl, and really want to start them as well! But I am holding off as I am going to buy my yarn for them from Stitch ‘n Craft on the 24th!

Went to knitting group on Thursday and that was great. Such a lovely bunch of people, I just love going so much!

So that is my knitting update!

Cross stitch – not really been doing any recently, which is naughty but I am just loving my knitting! I will get back to it one of these days!

So week ahead – gym on Mon and Fri with personal trainer, need to get another 2 sessions in there on my own! I also need to get on the sunbed again, and just generally work through things! Busy but can’t really pin point on what yet! LOL!

So this is my post for tonight, will try and get some piccies posted tomorrow!