Monthly Archives: February 2008

Pregnancy Update


Well I am now 24weeks and 5 days! So well over the half way mark! Just 16 weeks to go, if it arrives on time!

I am getting back to my normal self, although I am very tired and getting bigger each day!

But loving being pregnant. It is amazing to think that this little person is growing inside and getting everything it needs from me at the moment!

The baby seems rather active and kicks and moves loads, which is great, as it is a wonderful feeling! Luckily it seems to be in a routine and almost sleeps at the same times as me, which is good!

We are getting prepared and taking one day at a time. The nursery should be done by the end of March, and we start hypnobirthing classes at the end of this month!

I have attached the picture from our 4D scan yesterday! The cheeky monkey was hiding its face quite a bit and was very camera shy, like its mommy!

Ireland Trip


Wow is it really February already! Seems just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and it was Christmas!

So I thought I had better do an update on what has been happening over the last 2 months, starting with Ireland.
My family and I went to Ireland from 21st Dec – 29th Dec and had a great time. We drove and caught the ferry from Hollyhead. Going was great, coming home was a different matter as the sea was really rough and we were on a different ferry and so I was not well!
Ireland was lovely and we had a great time. The weather stayed good throughout, mainly raining at night!
Here are some pictures of where we stayed :
It was a place called Avon Ri and was just wonderful. The location was perfect and views were great.
This is the front of our house.
View from our bedroom window!
We also visited the Guiness Factory and Jameson Whisky, both were really interesting but preferred the Whisky factory!
The only bad thing on the whole trip was that I managed to break my wonderful camera and was gutted! It was in my bag and my bag dropped and cracked the screen and died!
That all happened at this wonderful house :
Overall it was a wonderful trip!