Monthly Archives: July 2008

Pattern help…………


My mom knitted this a good number of years ago, and lost the pattern in the move to the UK.  It was out of a magazine and is done in two parts with only side and shouder seams.

Has anyone got any idea where I can find this pattern, or one similar?  A link to it would be good.  I am on Ravelry and have been looking but can’t find.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Knitting update


Finally I have managed to knit a few rows of something!  How exciting!

The first picture is of a Mobius Wrap I have started, does not look much now, but am hoping it gets better!  The second is of a Sirdar Bolero I am doing, again does not look much, but wait till it is finished!

Family update



Can’t quite believe Luke is 8wks old already!  Time is going so quickly.  He is really forming his own little character now and the smiles are fantastic.  He is 7wks in this picture!  The last 3 nights have been wonderful as he has slept from about 2100 – 0630hrs, long may it continue!


Our family!

A week of aims!


This week I decided each day I would write my aims for that day and see if I could achieve them!!!!!  Rather than one long list that never gets done and I feel a failure! 

Well it seems to have worked!!!  This week (Sun – Sun) I have managed to :-

1. read more of my book!

2. stitched about 10 stitches on my cross stitch – not alot I know but a real achievment I feel!

3. cast on for a bolero and knitted 5 rows of 103sts – again does not sound alot but wayhay!

4. attended all my appointments on time!

5. drove to Peterborough for the day on my own with Luke!

6. played about 10mins of Brain Training!

7. replied to all emails

8. managed daily chores of getting bottles ready, dishwasher sorting, washing!  Thank goodness I have a cleaner so that is one less thing to worry about!

They all sounds so triveal, but with baby in tow I do feel this is a real achievement and step forward to getting my life back to some sort of normality!

Luke is now 6wks + 6days and weighing in at 12lbs 1oz as at last Monday!  He is doing really well and getting better with the mild reflux which is great.  I was warned that week 6 and 7 could be the hardest and he certainly has been more unsettled this week, but it has been ok!  We got our 6wk checkup cleared on Monday as well which is great.

So here is to another week!  This week I would like to do a bit more crafting, reading and getting out!  We are off to my Parents on Saturday for the day which will be nice!  Lets hope the weather remains good this week!