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Jungle Babies update


290308-resized.jpg Here is my update for what I have done so far on the Jungle Babies this weekend.  Not done any today, so far, may be able to get some done tonight, but it is currently coming on well and I am enjoying it.

I am off to have a rest now, after my visit to Aldeburgh, so maybe when I wake up I may continue on it! 

Don’t forget to check back for updates!


Aldeburgh – Sunday 30th March ’08


aldeburgh-300308-32wk-5days-1.jpg     aldeburgh-300308-32wk-5days.jpg  For some bizarre reason since I fell pregnant I have wanted to go to the seaside and sit on a wall and eat fish and chips!  Why, I hear you ask?  No idea, I just really wanted to!

So seeing as the weather was quite nice today, a bit windy but it was fine, Si decided to take me down to the seaside and it was great.  We arrived with 3mins to spare before the Fish and Chip shop closed, so I ran, rather lets say waddled in and got our lunch, whilst Si found a parking space.  We then walked to the pebble beach and sat on the wall and enjoyed our fish and chips!  It was just bliss!  I loved it!

When we had finished, we went for  slow walk down the pier and then into the town, and bought an ice-cream and sat on the wall again and finished it, before heading back to the car and driving home.

It was really nice, and so good to be out in the fresh air.  Can’t wait till Sixpence arrives and we can take it down to the seaside and walk along the pier.  I kept looking at all the families with their little babies and thinking that will be us in about 3 months!  How cool!

Weekend plans are ……



Wow, Friday already, I do love these short weeks!  But I love my weekends more! 

Saturday we are attending our last Hypnobirthing class.  I am going to miss going to them as I have really enjoyed them and it has helped in getting prepared for the birth.  Hubbie is off to watch football on Saturday afternoon, so I am going to try and get more of my sampler stitched and just chill out.

That really is all we have planned, a quiet one, which is lovely!

 I believe the weather is not meant to be too good this weekend either, so a good excuse to stay in orders, nice cuppa tea, movie on the box and stitch!  Bliss!

So hopefully I will be able to post more progress pictures on Sunday night, so look back for them!

 Have a good weekend, everyone!

Pregnancy photoshoot


Hubbie and I went and had some pregnancy photos taken of us, when I was 31 weeks and these are the results : –

p1010659.jpg        p1010657.jpg

They turned out really well.  These are not shown too great, as I had to take them from the preview booklet but at least it gives you an idea!

So we are going to get a few, and have one for the babies nursery, so it has a nice picture of its mommy and daddy close by!

Talking about the nursery, I am also waiting for my pictures of the grandparents to come back from the framers.  We decided to have a frame made to hold 4 photos, i.e. both sets of grandparents, so we can put that in the nursery as well.  Can’t wait to see the end result, as they were pictures taken from our wedding and are really nice!

Jungle Babies update


jungle-babies.jpg This is what it will look like when done, but at the moment, here is mine so far :-

Jungle Babies - 26th Mar ‘08 Jungle Babies 26th Mar '08Well here is my Jungle Babies sampler after one day of stitching.  So this was taken on the 26th Mar.  I think this is going to take me quite a while, unless I can get my act together and stitch a bit quicker!

 Jungle Babies - 27th Mar ‘08 And here it is after last nights stitching!  So  it is progressing!  I am really enjoying it!

Tonight I hope to take a picture of my work station.  Only because my darling husband bought me a bump bag, which is designed for pregnant ladies to put their bumps in a hole so you lie on your tummy.  But it is great to sit up against as well, as it is just so comfortable.  Anyway I have managed to lower the height of my x-stitch stand so I can now sit on my bag and stitch, and it is great!

I was finding it hard holding the frame and stitching with my bump!  But problem now solved!  So will post piccy this weekend!

Hello world!


I have finally gotten round to moving my blog over from blogger to here, and so far so good!  I am hoping I will be able to add more features to my blog on here and make it more attractive than my current one.  So do pop back in a few days and see how I have gotten on!

32 week update


Wow, who’d have thought, 32 weeks already, it is amazing. I can’t believe we have just 8 weeks left and Sixpence is here, provided it arrives on time!

Things are going well with the pregnancy. I am measuring big but not too worried about it to be honest! I am enjoying being pregnant, even if I am exhausted all the time, can’t bend and struggle to do every day things! It is just wonderful!

The nursery furniture has all arrived and is set up and looking good. I have finally washed all the linen and baby clothing, and am now slowly getting my hospital bag sorted! Never realised how much stuff I would need in hospital!