Monthly Archives: November 2009

Mystery CAL project


I came across a great website, Sarah London, thanks to twitter! and they are doing a mystery CAL, and I thought, what great fun, so I am doing it!

Here is what I have done so far :-

P1030330 I need to do 13 squares, so have a few more to go!  Which hopefully will be done today!


Bit of quilting!


First weekend of November I attended a hand quilting course.  Whilst the knowledge I gained was awesome, I was a little disappointed in that the shop that held it never stocked any quilting hoops, even after checking before the course that they did, and being told YES!  So I was a bit frustrated, as I could not practice with a hoop during the course, and had to wait for my mine to arrive, which I ordered when I got home!

So here is my new quilting hoop : –

P1030320 P1030321

I have posted both pictures, because whilst it looks like a normal embroidery hoop, the thickness is actually deeper in order to cope with the thickness of the quilt!

So I have done a bit of hand quilting, without the hoop, after all that I might add!  It is very subtle, but here it is :-

P1030322 P1030324

I decided to do this quilting with an invisible thread, as there are just so many colours I need to go across, and thought with the invisible it would look better!  It is very subtle, but that is almost the effect I wanted, so I am happy!

Ravelry Swap


In October I decided to take part in a Knewbie Knit Swap on Ravelry.  It was great fun, and this what I received from Hannah in Sweden, a truly wonderful parcel!

P1030310 The package on arrival, the anticipation to see what was inside, was thrilling!

P1030311 How well packaged is this parcel!  Very good Hannah!

P1030313 The contents!

P1030315 Wonderful pattern for a shawl that is on my Ravelry todo list, yarn, tea, chocolates, sweets and fabric!

What more could a girl wish for!

Thank you!