Monthly Archives: November 2008

Been a while


since I did an actual update on life, so here goes!

Luke is now 6months and growing very well.  He is onto three meals a day and loves food, so much so, he does not really want to take his bottle anymore!  We bought him a walker a few weeks back and was the best thing we ever bought, he loves it!  He prefers to stand now rather than sit, so I think he will walk before he crawls!  Although put him on the floor and he rolls all over the place!  All our groups are going really well.  At Water babies this week, we not only put him under the water but then let him go so he could swim to the surface!  p1020196

n579863344_1562302_2199 Here we have Luke learning the swimming position.  As comfortable as he may look it is really hard on my arms! LOL!

My mom finished the hat and jumper set for Luke, and it turned out really well.  It is so easy to put on him and is lovely and soft and warm, he loves it! img00030

Not alot else has really been happening.  I have had a dreadful cold for about 3 weeks now and is not shifting.  Luke now has a stuffy nose as well!  But generally we are fine!

I have been busy with the cross stitch sampler for Luke, which I finally finished last night, and also working on Luke’s jumper, and once again I have fogotten to photograph it!  But I am nearly done!

Well another busy week is ahead, just hoping the weather gets better, don’t fancy going out loads in snow all week!