Monthly Archives: August 2007

Odds and ends


I bought myself some new books this week.

The One-skein Wonders I thought would be a great idea to get some Christmas present ideas. Great buy. There is loads of stuff I will make out of it! Have already bought myself some Rowan Kidsilk Haze to try a scarf and shawl. If they turn out well, they will be given to a family member!
There is also a great set in there with a facecloth, soap holder and mitten and thought how cool for the family, so I think I will be making a few of those sets!!!!!

The other two books, The Great American Afghan and The Great American Aran Afghan, are wonderful pattern books on two afghans that featured in Knitters Magazine and now they have put the patterns together in one book. Not sure when I will ever get them done, but great to have! There is a knitalong started on Angel Yarns for the Aran one, so you never know, one day I may join it!

Finally sewn these up! I am going to be giving them away to the local baby unit when I have made more. Not sure I am happy with the mittens because although I followed the pattern they look more like arm warmers than mittens!

My cross stitch update. Not done alot of this recently, but hoping to get back into it again! Need to rotate my projects!

Currently on my needles I have :

2 pairs of socks
1 cozy shrug
1 forest canopy shawl
1 dishcloth
1 premature baby jersey

Dishcloth swap 2


Well here are my prezzies that I received from my second dishcloth swap.

They are just wonderful. I received 2 dishcloths, one was a thank you for organising the swap! The patterns and detail of both are just wonderful!

The white one is a design called Feather and Fan which I really had trouble with, so I am so chuffed I have one now!

Sirdar Bigga


My parents gave me this yarn for Christmas ’06 to make a bag with. The knitting only took me a week and it now just needs to be sewn together. Really loved knitting this! The brown material is going to be the lining when I get round to stitching it!

Semi finished projects


First Steps jacket, all knitted just needs to be stitched. It was really easy to knit but not at all challenging so I did get a little bored with it!

Now to find the motivation to sew them! LOL!

These are Debbie Bliss 2 needle baby socks out of her Beginners Baby Knits book. They were really quick and easy to knit only took about 2 days in total, spread over 4! Again just need sewing up now!

Hamlet in Rendlesham Forest


Friday night Si and I went and watched Hamlet in Rendlesham Forest, which is quite close to our home.

It was a wonderful evening. We got there at about 6pm, parked up and went and found a bench and had our picnic dinner.

We then went and sat down at about 7pm, and you could either sit on the ground at the front, bring your own chairs or sit on raised seating provided, so we chose the raised seating. It lasted about 3hrs and was every good. Even I did think the English was a bit weird at times! Can’t believe some of the stuff people take to picnics it was incredible!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Facebook website


So how many of you are members of Facebook?

I joint on Sunday night and WOW!!!! I am loving it! I have found friends and people I knew from when I was 6!!!! I just can’t believe it, and best of all we all remember each other!

I have managed to find my old bestfriends from both junior and senior school, past crushes (not that I need them! LOL) past teachers, just so many people!

I am loving FACEBOOK at the moment and I think the biggest reason is being in the UK is wonderful and I love it, but I don’t have any real friends I can call up and visit etc. It is hard to make friends in new countries especially when you weren’t born there! Facebook has given me the chance to reconnect with people I knew decades ago and so makes me feel like yippeee I have mates again! Does that sound strange?

So if any of you are looking for lost friends etc, get on over there because it is FAB!