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WWW Wednesday (11th May)


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions :

  1. What you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

My answers :

1.  What are you currently reading?

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party  The 12th book in the series and I have enjoyed each and every one of the previous 11 so I can’t wait to get stuck into this one!  I have only just started it, so too soon to pass any judgement on it!

2.  What did you recently finish reading?

Hello Mum (Quick Reads) This was a quick read given to me by the local library, and at first I did not like the sound of it, however once I started, I found it hard to put down.   Thoroughly enjoyed it, it is the story of a black teenage boy who is killed and he writes a letter to his Mum, telling her about his life, the part which she never knew about.  Very enjoyable!

3.  What do you think you’ll read next?

The Happiness Project  I have heard so many good things about this book that I definitely want to read this next and find out for myself what all the hype is about!

Breast or Bottle – A Mother’s Rant!


I awoke this morning to news on the BBC saying that bottle fed babies are more likely to have behavourial problems than breast fed babies and well it PISSED ME OFF!

Let me start at the beginning!  When I was pregnant all I heard was BREAST IS BEST and you have to BREASTFEED YOUR CHILD, and whilst on paper that sounds wonderful in reality it doesn’t always work out that way!

I had an emergency C-section when my son was born at 2303hrs on a Monday night.  I had been in hospital since 4am that morning labouring, so by the time I had him, I was exhausted!  I was told straight away to try and breast feed him and NO NURSE helped me.  I was left to try and work out how to get this little person to latch on!!!!!!!  As he wouldn’t the nurse gave me a bottle of formula and said to give him that and we would try again in the morning.

I got put back on my ward at about 1 or 2 in the morning, at around 4am my son woke needing a feed.  I was so groggy and exhausted, the NURSE actually gave me a bottle to give him, with not hint or mention or trying to breastfeed!

Whilst I was in hospital (which I might add was just 36hrs!!!  which seems nuts when I had just had major surgery, so they kept telling me!) I asked numerous times for help on getting my son to latch on, without any success!

So I went home with a bottle fed baby and a Mid Wife and Health Visitor that said we can try again at home!

I have to say the thought of breastfeeding a child, actually repulses me.  I have images of being a cow just producing milk all the time, I hate it.  But I tried, and I even bought express pumps, both manual and electric (which just enhanced the cow image more!) to try and get breast milk into my son, because that is what the health profession says!

He did get some, but nothing I would get excited about!  I had to stop trying to express within a week of coming home, due to other complications and so my son after 1 week was totally formula fed.

When I compare my feeding patterns to those of breastfed friends, I don’t understand why mother’s actually do breastfeed for so long!  Luke was sleeping through within 6 weeks, he was going possibly 3 – 4hrs between feeds (in the beginning) and he developed perfectly.  Now my friends, demand fed, in some instances every 1 – 2hrs through the night even and were shattered all the time.  I can’t get my head round this, fine breastfeed during the day, but at night why not give the child a bottle just to get a few hours of decent sleep.  I know breastfed babies don’t go as long between feeds, but then all the more reason for a bottle at night.  If you choose to solely breastfeed then don’t complain about the lack of sleep!  There are other options!

Now to the study and the rant!

1. If the health professionals want mother’s to breast feed why not give mother’s the help and guidance they need in order to do it, and if they can’t (because some mother’s can’t) don’t make the mother feel worthless and like she is depriving her child and she is a failure and her child will have all these issues as they grow up.  Embrace her achievement of becoming a mother, who the hell cares where the milk comes from to feed the child!

2. The other thing I find odd is all this talk about how much more sickly bottlefed babies are.  Well I have friends who have breastfed and there children are MORE ill than my son, so that blows that theory straight out the water!

3.  I was also told by not breastfeeding I am missing out the bonding process!  BOLLOCKS!!!!  My son was held the same way as any breast fed baby, he was cuddled and burped the same way!  The only difference, he never had some huge nipple shoved in his face, and could actually breath, look around and enjoy his milk!  Oh and can I just add when all these breast feeding mothers are bonding with there child, how is the father bonding?  My husband bottle fed Luke as well, and so we BOTH had the wonderful time of bonding with our son and not only that but sharing the feeding times!

This really is a rant and I am sorry but I am sick to death of these damn studies, making mother’s who don’t breastfeed for whatever reason feel that they have failed their child.  As long as the child is healthy, happy, nurtured and loved, who the hell gives a damn where it’s milk came from?

(this is a personal account, and just how I see it!  If you don’t agree, please don’t leave comments telling me off, it is just my opinion and I have need and right to express it!)

Another baby?


Well I bet that title has got a few people’s tongues wagging!  LOL!

But a friend of mine, who’s blog I read all the time, did a very interesting post over the weekend about having children.  You can find it here if you wish to read it :-

This post really rang true with me and I decided, I would write my own post, as it is something that has really bugged me since having Luke.

It is true, the questions start, when you get the boyfriend!

1. When is the engagement – tick, done!

2. When is the wedding – tick, done!

3. When are the patter of tiny feet arriving – tick, done!

4. When is the second patter of tiny feet arriving – Uh, NEVER!

Yes I am one of those few women who is very content with having just ONE child, and why society can’t accept that I will never know.  I don’t judge those mothers who wish to have 2, 3, 4……..14 children, so why judge me?  In which book of life does it say Women shall never have anything less than 1 child?

There is nothing wrong with my reproductive organs, I can produce offspring just fine, thank you, I just choose to limit them!

I have noticed, since having Luke that some of the people I know who have gone on to have 2nd children, almost outcast me now, liking having 2 is a cult and makes being a mother a job, where as having 1 is a easy and being a  mother is simple!

Being a mother is a hard job whether you have 1 or more children!

I am asked on a very regular basis, I will say almost weekly, when Luke will be having a sibling and when I answer NEVER, the look of horror that descends on some people’s faces is just a picture.

Then the following happens………………….  I get told, ‘Oh, he will be lonely, without a sibling!’  I’m sorry, but if you believe that siblings make a child complete, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your family dynamics!  My son has 2 loving parents, who are married and living under the same roof – that in itself seems a bit novel these days! – he goes to a wonderful nursery, where he has numerous friends!  Coupled with the extended family he has, he certainly isn’t lonely, so that theory is blown out the water!

Next comes ‘Oh you don’t want to leave it too late to have another, you are getting older!’  Yes that is true, which is precisely why I had Luke at the ripe age of 34!  So I couldn’t plan any more, due to my age!

Now I say this, to mothers, fathers, and generally people everywhere.  It is a couples choice as to the number of children they have, not societies, and if they want only ONE child, so be it, respect it, accept it, and wish them well.  Having ONE child does not make them any less of parents, if anything I think they are more savvy.  Having children costs ALOT of money and some people have the sense to see that and have ONE child because that is what they can afford without compromising their standard of living, their childs needs and future education, and their own relationship.

Maybe I have this view, because I come from a society that when you had a baby it was your responsibility, not the Governments, there are no hand outs and you paid for that child.  In Britain, of course depending on income, the more children you have the more Govt funding you get, but I shan’t go down that route.

So the next time you see a Mother with 1 child, celebrate her decisions, her childs life and that fact she is a MOTHER, don’t judge her and criticize her because she ONLY had 1!

Rant over!!!!!!!

My son is almost 3…….


how did that happen?

In just 10 days time my darling son will be turning 3.  I can’t believe he is growing up so fast!  It is the same old cliche that everyone says, but it is so true!  I struggle to even remember what he was like as a baby, and I see the pictures round the house and think is that really my son!

A quick run down of how he has grown :-

  The day or rather night he was born!  May 19th 2008!

 I love this picture of my brother cradling Luke.  I look at Luke now and can’t believe he actually fitted in his arms like that!

 Opening his birthday presents on his first birthday!  Laughing at Mummy, because of course I obviously made silly faces again!

 His first real injury on his eye lid of all places!

  Mummy and Luke at his 1st birthday party!  I love this picture!

  Luke and Mummy at his 2nd birthday party, just not as good as the one above!

  Explorer Luke at Africa Alive off to chase the ducks!

I can’t believe how he has grown!

We are currently at the potty training stage!   Which I think if I was more focused on we would cracked already, however I think I am the one holding him back.  So on Saturday, I decided after having been in town all morning, that the afternoon would be spent in big boy pants and we shall see what happens.  Well he was excellent.  Only 2 accidents and he took himself off to the potty sometimes as well.  So a few more days and I am sure we will crack it!

We also took him to watch Speedway for the first time over the Bank Holidays, not a good idea.  He was not interested in it at all, so we shall be giving that a miss for a while!

We have been having such good weather the last month that we have done a few outings, which have been great fun!

 Mummy and Luke enjoying Aldeburgh Beach (more like pebbles!)

  Enjoying his pork kebab at the Police Dog Trials!

  Enjoying the ride at the local Easter Egg Hunt.

We also took him to Africa Alive near Lowestoft, that he absolutely loved.  I love that attraction purely because it is African themed, so I was in my element and I am so glad that Luke had a wonderful day as well!  Here we are on the little train!

I am one very proud Mummy, I have an adorable little boy and whilst yes he can push buttons, like I am sure all children can, I would not change anything!

He is the best thing I have ever done in my life, and makes me so proud each and every day!

General Filofax Update!


The Philofaxy community seemed to be buzzing recently about Malden Filofax’s.  Being someone who when I first saw them thought, ‘Hmm, ok, but not my first choice!”  I never really paid too much attention.

Until dear Caribbean Princess, over here :- happened to mention that City Organiser was having a special offer on the Personal Malden in Crimson.  I’ll take a browse I thought, what harm can it do???????????????  Then I saw they had a Facebook page that mentioned a further 20% discount if I used a certain code!  Needless to say that code was used and yes, I succumbed and bought the Malden!  At a price of less than 50% it could not be left!

Ah the smell of leather when it comes out the box is just AMAZING!!!!!  When I first opened it I though, ‘Hmm doen’t lie 100% flat, I don’t like the inside zip, not sure I want it!’

Then I decided, to give it a go, and set it up!  Oh and I love it!  It is so soft, and subtle and the zip doesn’t hinder me at all, and it now lies 100% flat and oh it is just perfect!

Now I can hear the sniggers, oh she failed at her challenge!!!!  Well in fact, no I didn’t because my Metropol is still in use on a daily basis with the same inserts but is just my daily journal now, that I write in each night!  Hee hee I found a way round it!

My Malden has my Week on 2 pages in Cream, which is pretty awesome and working really well for me, then I have the usual stuff I did have in the Malden, however it is not stuffed full and not stretched and I am VERY, VERY, happy!

So happy in fact I scouted Ebay for a Pocket Malden, on the off chance and BAMN I found one, brand new in the box, 75% off the shop price, and it was MINE!  I thought I would use it as my travel Filofax, but then when I got it, I can’t do it!  I don’t want it to get scratched and I don’t want to stretch it, and I don’t want to force large pieces of paper in the back pocket, and I don’t my coins to stretch the front pocket, so that idea was quickly abandoned and my Urban Pocket in Slate remained my Travel Filofax.  That one I don’t mind if it gets dealt with hard it can sustain it.  Whilst my Malden is class, I don’t want it ruined!!!!!  So it very well could become my Filofax I use when I go out, who knows.  At the moment it is in it’s box meeting its other Filofax friends and getting acquainted!

Only ONE more Filofax purchase confession to air!!!!  Whilst buying the Personal Malden, I noticed at the Ultra Violet A5 Domino was also on offer and of course with a further 20% off it too fell into my basket!  With good reason!  I needed a new A5 as my gym filofax.

  The photo really doesn’t do the colour justice!  This has now become my WIP Filofax for all my craft items, and my Red A5 Domino is now my Health Filofax!

I don’t feel bad with these purchases, as I have had a massive Filofax clearout recently and if it wasn’t gonna be used, or it wasn’t leather I have sold it, with exception to my Domino’s as they are just such good quality cheap Filofax’s.


(unless of course the Amethyst Deco has a crazy low price!!!!)