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That is such a big subject!

Things once again have been busy!  We went up to Peterborough last weekend for my brothers birthday.  It was the first time we have stayed over since having Luke and have to say he was a little angel!  Totally took it in his stride!  We went out for lunch on the Sunday to a lovely restaurant and he was so well behaved, that most of the other diner’s never even realised there was a baby there!

I can’t believe we are just 10wks away from Luke’s first birthday, and whilst I don’t want a huge party, I am trying to arrange a family get together for it, not always the eaiset and also then an afternoon when his other litter friends can come round!  Not easy these days!  Can’t believe how far in advance peoples diaries get booked up.  But I should really as ours does!

Luke is now pulling himself up on things, which is great, but also keeping me on my toes!  I used to be able to still dabble in work in the afternoons when he got home from Nursery, but no more!  Whilst I don’t hang round him all the time, I need to keep my senses about me!

I seem to have woken with an awful cough this morning and am not feeling great, just hope it does not linger for long!

Right off to work on the granny square blanket a bit more!

Granny Square Blanket!


Well I have my mom to thank once again for coming to my rescue!  I had crocheted all four square :- p1020443

For some reason I just could not get my head round how to join them together, but Mom to rescue, and here it is so far :-


I have a few more rounds to do, with 2 more colours and then we are done, not sure how much longer it is going to take, but it is such an easy non thinking project to work on!