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Stash expansion!


Bought these two wonderful kits today, off the Collector Craft Wednesday Wonderland! Well chuffed as I have wanted them for ages! Now I feel I need a stitching plan!

My week is going well. Si is away again, so I am home alone, which is fine, I am getting used to it now!

I am feeling alot better after my fall. Went to physio on Monday and glad to hear that I have not fractured, broken or trapped anything, which is great. I do however have terrible muscle bruising, so have to take it a little easy! My shoulder is alot better, but my neck and back are not as good. Strange as my physio said my shoulder would take the longest to heal!

I did go to gym yesterday, and it was good. I am allowed, to exercise, just have to be gentle. So I will go again on Thursday, I just can’t do any impact or upper body work, which is fine.

Tonight I am hoping to go to Cross Stitch club as I have not been for ages, and I thought it would be nice to get out the house and mingle with some people!

Well will post my stitching plan as soon as I have done it!

The day after……………..


Here she is Lullabelle the lovely horse that I nose dived off, 16 hands high! Well I had a terrible nights sleep as I could not turn over and my shoulder, neck and back were very sore. So I am very stiff today, and have decided that I will go to the doctor tomorrow just to get checked over, to make sure that I have done no serious damage! I am sure I haven’t, but best to get it checked. It does mean no gym for me this week probably!

And here is the Kelpie, same height, the first horse I rode at these stables, she is lovely and very gentle, so I am on her next weekend!

The wedding sampler, although I have now done the border upto the hearts and champagne bottle, so it is coming on nicely! Fingers crossed I get it done this week, but if I can’t get to gym in the evenings, I bet it will be! It certainly has grown recently and it will be good to get it done, so I can then finish the coffee saying as well and then I can start my horse kit!!!!!

So what is my week looking like? Well OH goes away again tomorrow till Friday, so I think if I can I will go to X-stitch club on Wednesday night as I have not been for ages! Other than that, it will be rest, relaxation and self pampering for the week!

Come back soon to hopefully see the finished sampler!

I fell off!!!


Well I did it grand style today, and fell of my horse! My instructor had only said about 2 weeks ago that I needed to fall off as a adult, but I did not realise so soon! We decided to go out for a hack today and the flies were really annoying the horses plus with all the lush green grass, if my horse was not swishing the flies she was trying to eat the grass!

We got to this really nice section and decided to try a trot and yes my horse decided in mid trot to stop, lower her head and eat some grass! So you can guess what happened next…………..I went straight over her head, bashed my head, twisted my neck and landed on my back! Ouch!

I am proud of myself though because I got straight back on, went into the school did some assertiveness work with her and trotted again, just to regain my confidence. So I will be back next week to ride again!

I have to say my left shoulder, neck and back are really sore tonight, so I will see how I am by Monday, if there is no improvement I will have to go and see my physio to make sure I have not done any damage!

So my day has been spent chilling out and cross stitching and I am glad to say the wedding sampler is coming on really well and at this rate I should be finished by next weekend! Will post a picture tomorrow of it!

The week otherwise has been uneventful. Si is working away in Milton Keynes so he leaves Monday and comes back Friday. I miss him terribly, but I do get to have a very girly time while he is away!

Well I am off for a hot bath and to bed now, to try and ease my aches and pains!

Check back tomorrow for the photo!

Monday 19.06.06 update


Start of another week. The tops of my legs are really sore after yesterdays walk/run, so no gym for me tonight!

OH is away this week, and it is strange, being home alone, but at least I get to do girlie things all week, and it is a football free zone! but I can’t wait for him to get home on Friday!

So why the horse picture? Well I won this today off ebay
and I love it! Not sure when I will do it, but I have it, and that is the main thing!

I have got some stitching stats that I need to update but will do that later tonight, as I need to post some update pic’s as well!

Wanted to get my horse picture on here though!

Ipswich Race for Life 2006 today!


Here I am at my Race for Life event. Simon just had to take a picture, thank goodness his battery went flat so he could not take of me at the end, that would not have been a pretty sight!

The race went well, and I finished in 38mins 20sec, so I was well chuffed, as last year I did it 44min 45sec, so obviously my gym sessions are paying off!

It was really hot again this year and once again the water situation was not good. This year there was none given out and instead at the end we had a silly little carton of cranberry juice! I know they say bring your own, but it would be nice to have a bottle of cold water at the end!

Nonetheless is was great morning and I really enjoyed myself!

Although I have to say I have suffered with a migraine for the rest of the day! I have tried stitching twice and so far on both occassions have not got very far, so have given up for tonight.

Well off to eat my Chinese takeaway now!

Horse Riding update


Saturday morning is when I go and do my 1hr riding lesson, so off I troddled this morning, good lord it was hot! Anyway my teacher had decided that today I needed to at least try cantering! This is not something I was comfortable with as I felt I still needed to master the trot better, but I said I would give it a go even if I only did a few strides!

Yippeee!!!!!! I can now canter! I must have done it about 6 – 8 times and each time was longer and better and I loved it. My teacher said that I had the biggest grin on my face when I achieved it!

I am so chuffed. I had set myself till Sept to get to the cantering stage, so to have achieved it by now, is just wonderful!

Plus I was on a new horse today. I usually ride Kelpie who is rather slow and plods along and it takes a bit to get her going. Today I rode Lullabell who is alot more receptive and easier to get going, so that was a challenge in its self.

We also got taught assertivness and confidence on the horse today, which meant we had to progress from walking, to trotting then to cantering and stopping, therefore training the horse to listen to us, which was great. I really benefited from that.

So I am back there next Saturday for the next lesson and I can’t wait. We went to a local college today as well, who were having an open day and I went and found out a bit more about the NVQ level 1 course in horse care that I want to do, so that was good.

I have been doing some stitching today, so will post updates tomorrow. I have Race for Life tomorrow, so will let you know how I got on with that as well.

Till tomorrow…………………….



Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Another week almost over, great! I am so looking forward to the weekend! I have horse riding tomorrow morning, which I love, then I am going to a local college for an open day they are having to see what they can offer etc, so that should be interesting. Sunday, I have Race for Life to do, I do hope it is not too hot, but I am sort of looking forward to it!

I am hoping to work on my cross stitch this weekend, big time as I want to get the wedding sampler done, as it is dragging now.

So those are my plans!

Check back during the weekend for updates!

Major hair cut today!


Today I was in Peterborough for work and to see my family. But also to have a hair cut. Crazy as it sounds, I live in Ipswich but get my hair cut in Peterborough! I just love my hairdresser and I won’t change!

Anyway I have had the same hairstyle for about 5 yrs now, it just gets longer, but is always in the same style. Pictures below :

As it has gotten longer it is harder for me to deal with, I can’t tie it up as I get headaches when I do, it is so hot when left down, I have to sleep with it plaited. Anyway today I decided enough was enough and I was going to have it cut off! So I did it, see the pictures below!

From almost to my waist, I cut it! And I love it! Not sure I am going to be able to keep it like this but we shall see! It is such a change. I know I was meant to be growing my hair for my wedding next year as I really wanted a mass of curls but I figured it will either grow back or there are always hair extensions!

So what do you think?

Rest of the day was busy with work, we had a rather large order to get out, so I was helping with that.
I am off to bed now as it has been a long day but I wanted to get my piccies on first!

Bye bye!

At least is was cooler today!


At last we got some rain today, so at least it is a little cooler, fingers crossed it stays like that! Did not have a good nights sleep, the heat really got to me!

Day not too bad, I had my PT session tonight and that really worked me, but I loved it! I am off to Peterborough tomorrow to see my family and for work as well, so it is an early start for me.

I really need to try and arrange my days better so I can start to get some stitching done in the evenings! At the moment I tend to flake out in the chair after work and that is me, so I am only really stitching on the weekend.

Tonight I cooked Thai poached salmon for dinner, and it was really nice, I surprised myself!

This is short as I never really did much today, except work, and go to gym, so not alot to say! Makes a change!

Have a good day tomorrow!!