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I’ve been tagged………….


Thank you!

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Sales Director
2. Training Administrator
3. Pensions Accountant
4. Receptionist

Four movies I could watch over and over :
1. Dirty Dancing
2. My Best Friends Wedding
3. Pretty Woman
4. Cruel Intentions

Fours places I have lived :
1. Ipswich, England
2. Peterborough, England
3. Harare, Zimbabwe
4. Manzini, Swaziland

Four TV shows that I love to watch :
1. Hollyoaks (how sad!)
2. Friends
3. Reality shows
4. Wedding / baby shows

Four places I’ve been on vacation :
1. New York
2. Slovenia
3. Sorrento
4. Paris

Four websites I visit regularly :
1. UK Scrappers
2. Aion Needlecraft
3. Sky News
4. Ebay

Four of my favourite foods :
1. Macaroni cheese
2. Cheesy chicken (home made recipe)
3. Banana sandwich (bread must be toasted though)
4. Matzos with marmite

Four things that make me smile :
1. my finace (corny I know but true!)
2. shopping for stash both scrapping and cross stitch
3. meeting new people
4. spending time with family

There done it, what great fun this was!

Now I tag Christine!

Relaxing weekend………….


Well we are half way through August already. Can’t believe we have just 3 months till our holiday and 7 months to our wedding!

The weekend has been really quiet, not done too much which has been great, really needed to chill out!

Things are going well. We are going to Centre Parcs on the 25th for Bank Holiday weekend, really looking forward to that.

I need to start bridesmaid shopping again, as we now have 3 bridesmaids, so I have seen some dresses I like, now need to get everyone to try them on!

Scrapbooking is going well, I am probably doing more of that than cross stitch at the moment! Although I did pick up a needle tonight for the first time in ages!

Ally Pally, there seems to be a Craft show there in Sept which I am seriously considering going to!

Not much else to say at this point. I started counting calories for weight loss which seems to be working better than any diet I have tired so far! Long may it continue!

Good night!

Mid August already


Well last posted at the beginning of August and we are already half way through, where does the time go?

Si’s sister got married on the 5th and it was a lovely day and evening! She looked stunning and everything went really well. Lets hope mine runs as smoothly!

So I am currently full steam ahead in the wedding planning department, making sure everything is sorted and we are doing pretty well!

Went to a scrapbook crop on the 12th Aug, had a great day, met some lovely ladies and I am so going to enjoy going again! I managed to do 4 8×8 layouts and I am really happy with them, will post some pictures at some point.

Not done any cross stitch for a while, seem to have lost the bug, I do hope it returns soon!

My mom is having an operation on her knee on the 24th August to remove some cartlidge, she goes in in the afternoon and will be out the following day. Then on the Friday when she gets out we are off to Centre Parcs for the bank holiday weekend. Am really looking forward to that. Going with my parents, brother and Si, so it should be great fun!

Well I must press on, will post some piccies later, hopefully.

Bye bye

Been ages since last post


Well it has been ages since I last posted and for that I apologise! So what have I been upto……………

20th – 24th July, Si and I went to Lake Windermere for a long weekend. It was fantastic, we had great weather and the B&B where we stayed was just lovely. We did quite a bit of sight seeing as well as chilling out. I got to see alot of craft shops which was great, and that has spured me on to do some more scrapbooking! So that was a lovely break.

I am going to my first crop (scrapbooking) in ages on the 12th Aug, am really looking forward to it as I have wanted to join this crop for ages and never been able to get in and now a space has become free and it is mine! So that is a all day thing and I am really looking forward to it!

I have been told that I am no longer to horse ride anymore, which I am gutted about as I loved it. But due to my last fall, my neck is very weak and if I have another nasty fall, who knows the outcome so rather be safe than sorry. I guess!!!!

So I had a squash lesson instead on Friday, which was great fun, really enjoyed it and a wonderful workout!

Last weekend was manic, I decided I wanted to buy a writing bureau and they are so expensive, anyway I found one in the paper for £50! Bargain!!! So I bought it and spent the weekend sorting out my office/study and it is looking really good now! I was very sore on Sunday and Monday!

We have Si’s sisters wedding this weekend which should be great. We have the pre wedding dinner tomorrow and then the big day on Saturday. I got the framed sampler back yesterday and will post a picture on here later. It looks lovely!

Not sure what else has happened since I last posted, so will end off here and will add pictures later of my bureau and cross stitches!

Take care