Monthly Archives: September 2006

Vitaline – Week 2


Well it was week 2 on the Vitaline plan and today was my weigh in! Am well chuffed as another 3lbs gone! So that is 9lbs in 2weeks so far.

I am not hungry, I am not eating funny mixtures, I am not drinking liquids for food! Just good healthy home cooked food and exercise!

If it continues like this I will really meet my target!

Very, very happy and hoping for a loss next week as well!

Watch this space!


Proud of my Mom!


My mom’s finished cross stitch! It took her about 2 years to do and it looks fantastic!

I am so proud of her! She never buys kits, unlike me, until she finishes one then replaces it. What it must be like to have such will power!

I took it for framing for her on Monday, and should get it back in about 3 weeks so will post another picture when it is framed.

But I love it and now….you guessed it, I want the kit!

Great weekend!


I have had a great weekend! My brother came down on Friday afternoon and we went to gym together, as I had a PT session. Then came home and had dinner and chilled out.

Saturday and we went to our local farm stall for some veg, then into town for lunch at our local noodle bar which is always lovely! Gavin had to do some shopping at Debenhams, naturally, as he can never resist! Came home and Simon went to football and Gavin and I went and did a 7.5 mile bike ride. It was great fun. In the evening we took him to watch Stock Car racing, which was exciting! Seeing all these cars bash each other! But I have said Banger racing is better so he will come down next time it is on.

Sunday and we went to Africa Alive in Kessington. It was great fun!! Being from Africa it was nice to see some proper animals for a change, and we had a lovely lunch there, went on the little train and spent a good number of hours there! Came back home and he left at about 4pm.

Si and I then went for a bike ride in the evening!

It was a really nice chilled weekend, but we still managed to do quite a bit!

The week looks like it could be busy! I have the lady coming on Wednesday night to finalise the church details. We are having our injections on Friday for our holiday and I few other appointments in there as well!

So busy week ahead!

New diet – Vitaline


Well I signed up for the Vitaline plan on the 13th Sept as my weight although not going up is not going down either!

Today was my first weigh in and 6lbs off, hello! This is fantastic I am so happy! So it is week two and my diet has changed a bit this week so going to read what I can do over lunch!

But I would recommend this diet it is great and so easy to follow, so far.

Why not look at their website, there is a link in my LINKS section!

Not been a good blogger!


Well I have not been a very good blogger recently sorry!My second bridesmaid shopping event on the 12th went very well, and the dresses are ready to go! Am so chuffed, got the colour and style I wanted. 2 are being made and 1 is being bought from a shop. So it means my chief will be slightly different to the other 2 but that is what I wanted! Another tick on the list!

Went to a wedding fayre on Sunday and it was ok, not great, but it was good to see what is out there anyway!

I have 3 bead courses next month and I am so excited. I am doing Beaded Jewellery Making, Bead Weaving and Tiara making. I am hoping to get a few more done but we shall have to watch the purse strings!

Things in general are going well, but will update in a different post about that!

Wedding update


Wedding plans are going really well. I went bridesmaids shopping yesterday and have my chief bridesmaid and got her all sorted. Taking my second bridesmaid today to get sorted and my third in a weeks time! So it is all starting to come together!

OH managed to almost sort out his outfit yesterday as well, which is great. So it is going well!

Hoping to get invites printed in Oct/Nov, ready for despatch in Jan, have the florist here in Oct to finalise flowers or at least go over them again!

So everything is going well and so far so good!