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Last post of 2008!


I have to admit, I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is 2009!  Not sure where 2008 has gone, it seems to have flown by!  So what will my last post in 2008 cover?

Last night I spent about 4hrs compiling my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I thought it would be easy but once having started and really thinking about it, it certainly was not!  I ended up leaving a few blank but I thought I could fill those in during the year as more things come to me!

Since my last post, I have not done too much!  We are currently looking for a new pushchair/stroller for Luke.  Who’d have thought it would be so hard!

Craft wise, I decided to cover a box that one of Luke’s Christmas presents came in, to use as a toy storage box!  I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Cheryl for her hints and advice on doing this, greatly appreciated!

p1020316 The box before I attacked it!

p1020318 The fabric I chose, it is a colourful safari theme, the picture does not do it justic!

p1020324 The final covered box!  I am rather chuffed with it, to be honest!  And again the picture is not great, as I took it this evening as I wanted to post it before the New Year!

So what else have I been doing?  I finally finished the preparation of the afghan fabric!  It does look rather untidy but I will be tidying it up after all squares are stitched! dec-28th-08-2  And I have finally started it, not alot done but it is start! dec-30th-08  dec-30th-08-1

I have done a little bit more on The Watering Hole, but not as much as I would of liked! dec-28th-08

Finally after 4 attempts I am enjoying reading The Friday Night Knitting Group book.  Yes it has taken 4 goes to get into it, but now I have it is great!

Well to all my Blog followers, friends and family I wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2009!


Craft update


I have done a bit of crafting, not alot but here is my update :-

Luke’s jumper, I have not really worked on it for a while, with trying to get the Xmas present stitched, but here is where it is upto :- lukes-jumper-24th-dec-08

I have finally started The Watering Hole, cross stitch kit.  It took me a while to prepare the fabric and is going to take ages to stitch but am going to take it slow and just see how it goes!  Here are the piccies :- dec-22nd-08 The fabric before I started to stitch!  Have since changed the frame I am using and here it is so far :


I have also been preparing the fabric for Luke’s afghan.  It is taking ages and I am probably doing alot more than I should but I think as it will be used for years to come, rather spend the time now getting it prepared correctly so it will last! dec-24th-08 Preparation of each square!  Here is the entire afghan, but have done a bit more now! dec-24th-08-1

I have about 3 columns left to do and then I need to tack some Stitch ‘n Tear behind each square I am going to use and only then will it be ready!  There probably is an easier way to do it, but I could not find any hints, tips or advice on how to do it, so using my own initiative!  I am looking forward to starting to stitch it, but I think that may be a few days off yet!

So yes a bit of crafting has been done, but I could do with having done a bit more!  2009 projects, will be the afghan and the watering hole, and I am hoping to be able to stitch some cards and knit some presents, but I will start in Jan instead of deciding in Nov/Dec!  So watch this space for updates!

Christmas 2008


This year Christmas, was always going to be special with it being Luke’s first.  However I have to say I think next year will be even better when he gets a better understanding of it, and can appreciate his presents more. 

My family came down on Christmas Eve and stayed through to the 27th which was lovely.  It was great for them to be able to spend so much time with Luke.  Luke loved having people round the house and was not too phased by it.  He was so well behaved it was great!

Christmas presents we in abundance and Luke got well and truley spoilt!  As for my, well I got what I wanted which was great!  I never got a lot of crafty stuff, as I have so much stock (lol) of things, I really need to work through it all I think before I get anymore!  But saying that there are some cross stitch kits out there that may just make their way onto my birthday present list!  I got a new Kipling Bag which is great, some shoes, perfume, other bits and bobs and 4 magazine subscriptions!  So I was very happy!

Luke’s present list is alot larger, but at least most will last him till he is at least 3yrs old!  So he will get lots of use out of them!

My brother and I cooked Christmas lunch and we had a lovely meal and overall a lovely day!  So roll on 2009!

img_10181 Luke in his Christmas Eve bib!

img_1022 Christmas day before Mummy put me in a crazy Santa outfit!

img_1050 Last one!

Christmas present


I decided beginning of November to stitch a present for my brother.  So I figured, I had a month, plenty of time!  Well it had to be at the framers on Mon 15th Dec in order to be ready in time for Christmas, so the weekend prior to that I was up rather late trying to get it all done!  Here is the finished result :- dec-22nd-08-1

I love it!!!  The blocks of colour did get a bit boring after a while, but they were not huge blocks, so weren’t too bad.  I would stitch it again, as I just think the end result is lovely!

Wow, has it really been a month


since my last post?  Did not realise it had been that long!  So where have I been and what have I been doing? 

December has not been a good month for us.  Both Si and myself had colds and poor Luke has been the worst out of all of us.  It started with just a runny noise and then got worse and worse.  Finally went to his chest and so he was on antibiotics for a week.  He did get slightly better, but we had awful nights as he could not sleep lying down and was coughing during the night etc.  He got over that and then got a mild tummy bug and was suffering with diahorrea and vomiting.  Thank goodness he seems on the mend now which is great, as I really wanted him well for Christmas  Yippee!!!!

So we never did many groups in Dec with Luke being poorly I did not think it fair to take him out in the cold etc, so swimming mainly was put on hold.  Hopefully we are back to normal in the new year!

I have been up to things, but will post them under separate posts, mainly crafting and trying to get a Christmas present done!

Quick update on Luke and his current progress.  Well I had him weighed in Dec and he was 19lbs 8ozs, which is great, he is doing so well with developing.  He stands so much now, more than sitting, which is great, but thank goodness we have a walker as I am not sure I could hold him all the time he wants to stand!  As for crawling, we are on all fours, rocking with our bum in the air and every so often he actually manages to straighten his legs, so I don’t think we are far off!  Can’t believe he is now 7mths!

The one event we did have in December was Luke’s nursery Christmas party.  That was really sweet and Luke seemed to enjoy it.  He was not at all phased by Father Christmas!  (apologies about the dummy!) 17th-dec-08