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Almost end of Jan!


Can’t quite believe that the end of January is next week!  2011 seems to be going as fast as 2010, if not quicker!

2011 seems to have started well.  Things are busy with work and personal life and I am enjoying both.

After the busyness of Christmas and festive season it was so nice to get back into a routine.  Luke is back at nursery 4 mornings a week, with his swimming taking place on a Friday and Little Kickers on a Saturday.  The child has a busier diary than me!

He is growing so much now, and talks, and talks and talks, and if I haven’t mentioned it talks!  But he is at such a wonderful age and I am really enjoying watching him grow and develop!

His current obsession is Disney Cars followed by Toy Story! So when in Toys R Us the other day, guess what I found?

Yes it is a Lightning McQueen car for kiddies!  How cool!  Needless to say it is still in the shop, but oh boy how I wanted to buy it! LOL!

Luke is already planning his birthday party, which I have to say is in May, but he has already told me he wants a Cars cake and decorations and toys!  How can he demand, he is only 2 and a half! LOL!

January also see us book a holiday!  How exciting we are off to Disneyland Paris in the near future, and can’t wait.  To see Luke’s face with all the Disney characters is just going to be priceless!  Talking holidays my family are booked to go on a wonderful trip to the States and I am so jealous.  They are going to have an awesome time!  Best of all they may be getting me my custom made Rickshaw Bag whilst in San Francisco, how cool is that!

So far my resolutions are being stuck to.  I am saving my pennies and am trying to read more!

I will be doing an updated post on my Filofax usage when I get a minute.

In the meantime here are some pictures of my January so far :

Luke spent a day with Grandma and came home with this mass of cupcakes, which he proudly told us for the next few days he made for us!

Luke enjoying the space in Mummy’s office!

Luke playing with play dough after a day at nursery!

Exhausted after a day at nursery.  Like the slippers?

One other big thing we did in Jan was Operation Room change!  What you may ask?  Well we moved Luke into my old office, Simon into Luke’s old room for his office and then the downstairs office became all mine!  Happy or what?!?!?!?  Took a whole day but so totally worth it!

January has been good and I just hope and pray that the rest of the year continues the same way!


2011 Goals


2011 is going to be the year that I achieve!!!  What you may ask, well I have a number of things on my 101 blog ( that can only really be started on Jan 1st, that will take the whole of 2011 to complete.  So they shall be tackled!

Along with that I have signed up to the Crazy January Challenge ( that is starting Jan 1st and runs for the whole of 2011.

As I have so many work-in-progress’s I have decided that 2011 will be the year that I complete these WIP’s!  They can be seen here

I am also attempting the following New Years Resolutions :-

1. Complete a spending diary for 2011.  At the moment my purse is a Mini Classic Filofax (I will blog about it!) with a week on 2 pages diary format that I shall record my money in!

2. Saving pennies!  In the past I have tried to save my £2 coins, but actually that is quite a bit of money each time I put them away, so in 2011 I plan to put all 1p,2p,5p, 10p and 20p in my piggy bank!  Wonder how much I will get?

3. Read more books!  2010 saw me read more blogs than books, but in 2011 I want to change that!  I need to get back into my book reading, and so I am hoping I can make a dent in my very long ‘Books to be Read’ list!

Not many but I am hoping all achievable!  I shall be documenting my progress throughout 2011 so do check back!