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Overeaters Anonymous


I have been toying with the idea about doing a blog post on this subject for a while now, and I kept putting it off, because I realise not many people want to know about others problems!

But you know what?  It is MY problem and this is MY blog, detailing the goings on in MY life, and right now this is going on!  So if you don’t want to read about it, please leave the page now…………………………………………

I have had a weight issue for many, many years and you only need to read through this blog from past posts to see how I have tried over the years to lose the weight, and to be honest WITHOUT success!  I have always felt I have other issues relating to food, but no one would listen.  Finally on the 18th August ’11 I decided to seek professional help and made an appointment with my GP.

She has agreed I have an eating disorder, and before you throw your hands up and go no you haven’t, look at the size of you!  There are different kinds of eating disorders as she pointed out!

I took an online survey that is recommended by the National Centre for Eating Disorders and I scored 50, which basically means :-

You have a sub-clinical eating disorder, which means that you have anorexic feelings and behaviours. Generally, you feel out of control around food and may, at times, feel taken over by someone else who does the eating for you. You know that your eating behaviour is not altogether normal, but it is not quite serious enough to warrant medical attention. Yet you devote a lot of energy into trying to control your eating, thinking and worrying about food and weight and being otherwise unhappy with yourself.Perhaps you are not altogether aware of just how much eating has come to rule your life and play havoc with your self-esteem. You would like to get away from food but you can’t – it is part of family and social life and it is bound up with celebrations such as holidays Christmas and birthdays. As much as you would like to, you just can’t relax on these occasions. Or, if you do, there will be a heavy price to pay. It is draining you of energy.

Possibly, you feel that your behaviour around food is a personal weakness – a deficiency in your willpower – or you are just plain greedy. Or, you have learned to hide these impulses under a mask of rigid control. Either way, you have totally lost touch with, or trust in, your natural hunger. Hunger is your friend and your enemy at the very same time.

It isn’t correct to blame yourself for your relationship with food. Eating problems are not a sign of personal weakness or psychological damage. But concerns about eating can take over your life, ruin your self-esteem and make you perpetually depressed.

Food may mean many things to you. It may be your secret friend, your comforter or the only way you know to break life’s rules. Help yourself to let go of worries about your weight – and give up dieting. These concerns underlie most of the problems people have with food. Learn to think of food as something that heals the body and gives it strength, energy and passion.

If you are near the upper scores for this category, do consider a short spell of counselling with an expert in eating disorders. This may help prevent your problems from getting worse and causing damage to your health. The first port of call could be your GP or contact the British Psychological Society or the British Association for Counselling who would advise you on eating disorder specialists in your area.

Types of eating disordersCompulsive eating
You feel you eat enough, but you can’t stop eating. However much you eat, you keep on having more. At times, it feels as if you have been taken over by someone else, and you can feel physically bad and very guilty when you stop but you do it again anyway.You might make promises to stop, but, whatever triggers you, starts it off all over again and you feel out of control. You try to diet and you can’t even get started, or you may lose weight, only to put it all on again and even more. You have probably tried lots of diets but you may be fatter than ever.

It seems like an unending cycle of eating, remorse, dieting and overeating again. You feel very ashamed of your eating habits and so you may eat a lot in secret. You can’t make sense of what you do. You long to eat normally like everybody else, just take food or leave it. But it’s never enough.

You have tried to lose weight earlier in your life but you started overeating and you thought that getting rid of it would be a good idea to stop you from gaining weight. But it has gone out of control and now these secret rituals of bingeing and purging rule your life.

You can eat just one bite too many and that can set things off. You eat large amounts of food, forbidden food: sometimes you don’t even taste it, then you get rid of it. It makes you feel very bad, ashamed and ill but you simply cannot stop.

You long to be able to eat normally, or at least stop doing these terrible things to yourself, but you are terrified of gaining weight. And so it goes on and on and, although you long for help, you don’t dare let anyone find out.
More on bulimia nervosa.

You have lost a lot of weight. People are worried about you but you wish they would leave you alone. You don’t need any food, you are in fact terrified of gaining weight but you can’t admit that to yourself least alone to others, so you pretend that everything is fine. You cant remember when dieting turned into a full scale obsession with being thinner and thinner but you cant worry about that now- all you care about is how to eat as little as possible and get as much exercise as possible to lose even more weight as quickly as you can.

You are cold and you have lost your periods (if you are a girl) and you’re depressed but that is because you are feeling fat and ugly, so whatever you eat is still too much. You know you are in trouble but you don’t want to think about that now. Lets just lose another pound. Then you might hate yourself a little less. But that doesn’t work, either.
More on anorexia nervosa

How interesting is that?  I can totally relate to what they are saying, I do use laxatives, and so whilst I may not make myself sick I try to control my weight in other unhealthy ways.  I do also binge.

So I have started to seek serious help!  I have been referred for Cognitive Behavourial Therapy, that I have my first session on the 14th Sept and I am also being referred to our local Eating Disorder centre for help.

I am starting to feel very motivated, that I can control this.  I won’t say beat it, and the reason why I say that is because I am also joining an online support group for Overeaters and they use the same principles as Alcoholics Anonymous and so whilst I will control it, I think it is something that you learn to control and live with, and I am not sure if it ever really goes away!  But I certainly feel I can sort it!

So some big steps for me happening over the coming weeks, and whilst I am happy about them I am also scared, nervous and embarrassed!  I have finally admitted to those close to me what I do and I think that is the first step, and whilst I know I have their support, what I am hoping doesn’t happen is that they to start monitoring what I eat and do when we are together.  This needs to be controlled by me and actioned by me and only I can rectify it!

I will be checking back posting about my progress, because I feel that there are some people out there that will be keen to monitor it but not only that, they may be in the same position as me and it is good to know there is help out there for you just may need to search for it!


Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor!


Seeing as I have covered Filofax’s and Mobile Phones I just couldn’t let pass the opportunity to talk about my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)!

When I exercise there are 2 things that I really enjoy!

1. competing with myself and always making sure I work out better than the previous time I was in, and

2. details!

Yes I love to know how many calories I burnt, how long did I exercise for, what was my heart rate, etc, etc.

So I looked into various options of devices I could go with.

First off I looked at the Ki Fit system, which is totally awesome, but boy does it come with an awesome price tag!  You have 3 options to buy this system :-

1. a one off payment of £300+ which gives you the equipment and a yearly subs

2. £99 initial payment and then (based on 12 mths) £20.87 p/mth

3. £199 for the equipment and then £10.87 p/mth

The subscription fee is so you can download all the data off the device, and it is great.  You wear it 24/7 except with bathing and swimming and it monitors, calories burnt, duration exercising, sleep patterns, the whole thing!  But at those prices, a little out of my price range!

The other snag about it, is, if you buy it and use it for 1 yr then decide actually no I don’t want the subscription, well you may as well through away the device because there is no other way to get the data off, so they kinda have you!

I pushed that idea out my head very quickly, when I saw those numbers and decided a HRM was the way to go!  But which one?

Have you ever tried to buy a HRM?  Where do you start?  I started with a post on Twitter, and anyway I eventually settled on the Polar FT7.

This is a great little piece of equipment.  The strap is no longer the hard plastic one it used to be, but is instead leather, and the transmitter now clips onto it, making it so much more comfortable to wear under a bra.

I went for the Red / Sliver version as this is being sold as the ladies version and I really like the colour combination.

I received it on Monday 27th June and promptly used it for my next gym session on the Tuesday.  It was great and gave all the details I had been looking for :

Total work out time

Total calories burnt

Minutes in fat burning

Minutes in fitness

Average heart rate

Maximum heart rate

This truly is a great piece of kit and for the bargain price of £68.99 is totally worth getting!

Thurs 8th April ’10


Why have I started a post with a date?  Simply because I think that is the date that my life changed and Saturday 17th April will be the date it officially changes!

Now I bet I have you wondering, what is she going on about?  Right?  So let me explain further……………

Thursday is nursery for my son and on this particular morning whilst carrying my son to the nursery door, I tripped!  My crocs got caught in my trousers and I went arse over tip!

Luckily my son was not hurt, he was just shocked.  I on the other hand did not come off so lightly and hurt both my knees, my right ankle, both my arms, my back and my nerves!!!

I can’t believe how quick and easily it happened, and since it having happened I can’t seem to get out of my head, what if I had fallen on him!

I am a BIG girl, weighing in at near enough 16st!  That is an awful lot of weight to land on a little 2yr old, should it ever happen again!

I know I keep trying diets and I must have tried everyone out there, but I keep failing.  The main reason being, because I struggle to commit to a certain time each week night!


I think I have found the answer!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning in Felixstowe they have a Weight Watcher’s meeting!  How cool!  No need to worry about childcare as my husband can look after Luke and I can commit to each Saturday morning, and over time, Luke will be starting Little Kickers on a Saturday morning, so whilst hubby takes Luke, I can attend my meeting!

So I am sorted!

Saturday 17th April 2010 is my official start on the weightloss journey and this time I won’t be getting off till I have reached my destination, now matter how bumpy the ride!

I have started a weightloss blog if you would like to follow it :

New best friend………….


I think I have found my new best friend, and it is exercise!!!!

August so far has been amazing for me!  I have now lost 7.5lbs on Rosemary Conley, losing 4.5lbs in Wk1, 3.5lbs in Wk2 and having a gain of 0.5lbs in Wk3.  I am thrilled.  My personal goal is to lose 1lb a week, anything more is  a bonus.

My schedule has gotten really hectic in August for exercise, but I am loving it.  It looks like this :-

Mon – Rosemary Conley exercise class

Tues – Couch to 5k program

Wed – Rosemary Conley weigh in and exercise class

Thurs – Couch to 5k program

Fri – Buggyfit

Sat – Bootcamp – yes you have read that right!

Sun – Couch to 5k program.


Couch to 5k is a running program that says it can get you from being a couch potato to running 5k in 9weeks.  As I have always wanted to run, I thought why not?  Running is meant to be the best calorie burner out there.  It is free, I don’t need to attend gym and I can do my program either in the afternoon, pushing the buggy or at night.  Perfect.  I have just completed Wk1 and so far so good, roll on Wk2.

Bootcamp is a 1hr exercise class I do on a Saturday morning, down on Felixstowe beach.  It is military training, with loads of running, beach work, ab work, stair work, strength work, oh heck just everything!  I get there all fired up, I start and I think OMG, what am I doing!!!! I finish it and I am just so proud of myself!

I realise that the exercise may affect my weightloss but then I figure I would rather be fit and healthy and not get hung up on what the scale says!

So keep watching this space, as who knows where it is going!



Who has it and who doesn’t?

I have always thought I don’t!  Willpower and me have never been friends!  So after my weigh in on Wednesday, as my reward for losing weight I thought right off to get a Chinese on the way home!  Bonus!  Well I drove past the Chinese takeaway and carried on driving.  Drove past the Fish and Chip shop and again NEVER stopped!  Got home, without any takeaway! 

My thoughts were what is the point of losing weight to then reward yourself with food!  Kidda defeats the object really!

Friday, and again willpower was waivering!  Luke was asleep in his car seat, so I needed to drive around a bit so he slept more.  Bonus lets go to McDonald’s and grab some food!  Drove there, was in the parking lot and thought, this is nuts, grabbed some chewing gum from my bag and drove out!  No McDonald’s!

Friday night and I am out for dinner with my friends.  Had main course and pudding, BUT I did actually leave food on my plate for both courses!  Something I never normally do!

So it seems Willpower and me are now friends and the bond is getting stronger!  I really do feel this weightloss journey this time, I will succeed!

Right off to grab some soup!



Yes you are reading that heading right!  As part of my new healthy eating and exercise routine I have decided to exercise more!  So currently my exercise plan is :

Mon – Rosemary Conley exercise class

Wed – Rosemary Conley weigh in and exercise

Fri – Buggyfit

Sat – Bootcamp

Did my first bootcamp today and OMG!  I loved it but I thought I was going to die!  I managed to jog so much more than I ever thought possible and I am just so proud of myself!

There were only 4 of us, 1 person had been doing it for 2 years, the other 2 had started in Jan, and they were all so fit, but I have to say, I was not as bad as I thought.  I did push myself, as I figure if you don’t you won’t ever see results, you are there to exercise, so why treat it like a walk in the park!

I did end up with a really bad headache afterwards, but feeling ok!

So I am going back next week, as I really do feel it is so worth it!

Rosemary Conley


July 22nd saw me enrol into my local Rosemary Conley class.  I weighed in at 15st 13.5lbs, which is really shocking, but I figured not doing this because I am slim!  So after my first week, how did I do?

P1030089 Yes that is right is a SLIMMER OF THE WEEK certificate, that is because I lost 4.5lbs and was down to 15st 9lbs!  Thrilled is an understatement.

So I am now onto week 2 and so far so good.  Week 1 to me was a bonus, my goal is 1lb per week!

Bring it on!