Hearts Pocket Filofax


This isn’t a Filofax that I have ever wanted, however, on my recent visit to the Neal St store, that was arranged by Philofaxy on Nov 20th, we got given goody bags if we bought anything.

Needless to say, how do you go to a Filofax store and NOT buy anything!

I got some refills and paper that I needed, or hadn’t seen on their website and liked!

Quite a selection isn’t it? In there is the cream week on 1 page that I will be using as part of 2011 setup, although I am already not loving it, as it has 5 languages and do you realise just how much space you waste to day names you will never read or understand!

But this was my goody bag :-

Yes, that is a Heart Pocket Filofax you can see, that we received as a gift!  How cool is that!

When I first got it I thought I was pretty but not sure I would use it!  I loved the colours, and purple is just up my street!  When you open it, look what you are greeted with :-

How lovely is that colour?

Oh and the tabs :-  PASTEL!!!!!  How gorgeous are they?

So after much thought, I decided that this would become my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days journal!  It’s bright, cheerful, makes me happy and I just want to write in it, which means I will get my list completed!

Ok, so the start date may alter!

The general idea I had is that it houses my actual list, then has details on each task I complete and where pictures need to be taken, if I print them off at 5″ x 3″ they should fit in here as well!  Forming an entire journal of my journey!

Let’s just hope it works and I stick with it!




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  2. I think I was the only one who ended up with a pink one! Deliberate I think!!!! But I exchanged it for the red Finchley Mini, which is beautiful

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