As you know England has been gripped by awful weather this last week and Suffolk was no exception!  Whilst it never stopped us doing anything, ok, not entirely true it stopped Luke and I from doing swimming on Friday, only because the drive to get to the house is very steep and I figured with the current weather if I did get down without sliding into the stream, I certainly wouldn’t be getting out!

So Luke and I stayed home on Friday and had an at home day!  Bliss!  I decided to try Luke out on his sledge, but taking him on my own, I couldn’t get many pictures and the ones I did get he wouldn’t smile!  This is the best he would do!

No smiling at the camera!

What a difference a day makes and having Daddy!

I think someone enjoys sledging!  What a difference a year makes!  We tried him last year and he was not keen at all and wouldn’t even sit in it!

I just love seeing the joy on his face!

So we woke today, Sunday, and the snow had melted which is a pity but it does mean life can get back to normal, till the next lot!

At least I know that if it does snow again, Luke will be happy sliding down a hill for a few hours!


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