Natural Dye Studio


Today the knitting group I attend had an outing to Natural Dye Studio in Hollesley. It was just lovely!

Lois collected me at 1030hrs and we headed out there. It really is in the Suffolk countryside, in a wonderful secluded venue!

Amanda, was just lovely and showed us how the dyeing is done, and explained the process to us, and we were then let loose on the shop, which of course was the best part! Great yarns, great colours, how can a girl not shop! So of course a number of purchases were made. I bought some silk yarn for a shawl and some more sock yarn! Yes I know still trying to make my first sock but hey ho at least I have stash for when I have mastered it!

Got home at about 1300hrs! Great day, thank you!

Here are some pictures of our outing :-

Tea and cakes on arrival, hmmmm lovely!

Amanda’s daughter doing the spinning to get them into 50g skeins. Each batch is 500g and she winds them into 50g skeins and can do 15 x 500g skeins a day. Wow, she was so fast!

Amanda selecting her different kinds of yarn before they are dyed.

The process begins…..

The finished colour, before the washing process

Put out to dry, look at those lovely colours, hmmmmm

Ready to sell and in the shop, oh to fondle the yarn……..the colours are gorgeous, the softness just scrummy, I must buy!!!!

Oh whats this? I am buying………

and here is my purchase :-

100g of sock yarn

easy ankle sock pattern

500g silk yarn

hmmm, off to cast on the ankle sock now…….


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  1. It looks like you had a great day out at the Natural Dye Studio! Thank you for posting the photos so we could all have a look to see what it’s like. The ankle sock pattern looks nice. I’m looking forward to seeing it knitted up.

  2. Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your page with me. This is beautiful. I love the dying of the yarn and watching them hang to dry, the results are spectaculor!!! I love the yarn chosen for the simple ankle socks pattern. I love ankle socks. Where can I find that particular pattern?? I think that is something I can tackle. . .

  3. Hi. I found this really interesting as I have bought some of their yarn from e-bay. Thank-you for sharing this.
    knitty, witty, woo.

  4. Thanks for the pictures Sharon, I love NDS yarn and its great to see how it gets to be the fabulous colours. You must have restrained to just buy 4 hanks. I wouldn’t be able to resist!!!

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