39wks + 1day


  So here I am 39wks and 1 day!  Wow!  6 days left till my due date.  I really am hoping it arrives on time, but you just never know!

The babies head is engaged and things are going well.  I have been on crutches for about 2 weeks now, due to pelvic and back pain, but a small price to pay to have a wonderful little buddle of joy!

So we are all ready for the arrival of baby. 

It is my birthday in 6 days, yes due date!  So my family are coming down on Sunday to spend the day with me, so I am hoping that baby holds out till 21st or 22nd!

Can’t quite believe that the end is so near now.  It seems just like the other day we discovered we were pregnant!

So watch this space, will update as soon as anything happens!



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  1. Heyla, I just found you and your blog through ravelry.com – I’m also and Ipswich knitter and it’s my birthday today! So duel wishes to you; have a fabulous birthday and I hope baby arrives happy and healthy and ready to get in the way of all your birthday plans in the future 🙂 xxx

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