Look who missed Mommy’s birthday by 57mins!


 We have our beautiful baby boy!

LUKE MICHAEL STAFFORD born 19th May ’08 at 2303hrs weighing in at 9lbs 20zs, via emergency c-section after 25hrs of active labour!  Well worth every single minute!  Glad to be home now, although it was a short stay, went in Monday came out Wednesday!

I can’t believe he was so close to be born on my birthday, I am surprised he missed it, but relieved. 

I will post the birth story at a later stage, but at the moment we are just great and settling in well to being a family.

I will just add I am in total awe of my husband and how well he coped at the birth, and since and the support he is giving me is unbelievable, he is simply wonderful!


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  1. Ooo what a handsome little fella . Luke is gorgeous
    Weel done to both you and Si.
    Congratulations to the Happy family

  2. Awwwww Sharon Congratulations Hun, he is adorable, he may have missed your birthday, but he was born on my Dads he he. My Dad was 64 on Monday

    Oh wow congrats hun, I will send you a little something in the post hun.

    hugs xxxxxxxx

  3. I was born on my fathers birthday 50 odd years ago… what a birthday present that was!! All the time I lived at home we effectively shared the same birthday huge numbers of cards etc. So in a way it might not be so bad that your little boy is the day before you…. He’s growing up though…

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