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Filofax setup 3mths on………………….


I am now 3 months on from original setup of my Filofax and so far it seems to be going really well!

In case you had forgotten, my 2011 setup was in a Personal Raspberry Metropol with the Day Timer Flavia page per day lay out!

So how has my current setup been working for me?  I have to say, remarkably well!

The front of the binder, stores my stamps, business cards, passport photos and general pieces of papers that I need to keep!

The right hand side has the plastic cover, then a rough printout of how my days unfold along with a picture of my son.

I try and keep 6 months worth of the diary in the Filofax, the previous month, current month and 4 future months!  The layout is the page per day one :-

This is the page per day layout and it seems to be working well for me.  I do sometimes think I would like day on 2 page layouts, but then I think I would have too much space!  I love seeing my days really full!  So I shall carry on using this layout a bit longer, like 9mths longer!  The one thing I really am missing is my weekly layout view, but I just can’t justify writing things in 2 places!

I then have a month on 2 page layout.  I started using this to list my day in 6 words, but then in March I have decided to try and see if it would working putting my appoints that are happening during the month in.  So far so good!  I do like being able to see my month in full!

I then go into the coloured tabs section.

Green Section contains :

– all my to do’s both short and long term

– 101 things in 1001 days lists

– cross stitch work in progress’s relating to my Crazy January Challenge

– project WIP’s that need to be completed in 2011

– list of all books that need to be read

Yellow section houses :

– all my wants!

– Amazon wish list

– photos that want to be printed out

– my yearly budget

Blue section houses all website I want to check and any notes I may write out when reading a magazine!

Pink section houses :

– details I want to blog about

It then goes into the A – Z section.

Whilst I keep all contacts in here, of course, I also store things like my families vacation details, list of books for sale on Amazon, tube station maps, and general information details that I need to keep!

I hope you have found this interesting?  I am well on my way to reaching my goal of using the same layout for the entire year!  Fingers crossed it continues as well, so I can get my reward in Dec ’11!


Filofax Pens!


I have 5 obsessions in life :-




Cross Stitches


So when the WWW went a little mad recently about pens being used in Filofax’s and quietly read in the background and made my lists!

I ended up with 3 that I really liked!

1. Frixion Ball 0.7

2. Frixion Point 0.5

3. Pilot G-tec C4

However after using them I have realised that my order of preference are :

1. Pilot G-tec C4

2. Frixion Point 0.5

3. Frixion Ball 0.7

Here is how they write :-

Yes that is my Flavia notepaper!

The 0.7 nib is too thick for my liking and really isn’t working the filofax for me.  I do use it in the A4, as I tend to write bigger in there, but certainly not in my Personal.

The other 2 work well in my Personal and neither bleed through the pages, however I have to see the Pilot G-tec C4 is the BEST.  It writes so fine, and I just love it!

So much in fact I am about to go and buy some other colours in it!  I would seriously recommend it, however you can’t rub it out!

So I am back to using pen in my Filofax and if I need to cross it out then so be it, life changes!  LOL!

Filofax Sale!


Yes, you have read that right!  I have now gone through all my Filofax’s and decided which ones I am going to keep and which ones I am going to sell!

The list is as follows :-

  • Pocket / Mini Calculators – £3.00 + £1.95 p&p
  • Personal Customer Record inserts –  Offers + £1.00 p&p (1 pack 19 sheets, 1 pack 20 sheets)
  • Personal Slimline Metropol in Black (hardly used) – £12.00 + £2.95 p&p no inserts
  • Mini Domino in Lavender (hardly used) – £10.00 + £2.95 p&p comes with transparent flyleaf, mini week to view diary, white ruled paper, A-Z index, white three letters per tab, Name, address and telephone number, approx 3 packs on lined paper in lavender and yellow

  • Mini Metropol in Red (hardly used) – £10.00 + £2.95 p&p no inserts

  • Pocket Chino in Fawn – £10.00 + £2.95 p&p comes with Today ruler, transparent flyleaf, 1 – 6 cream tabs, plastic top opening envelope

  • Pocket Chino in Black (BNIB) – £13.00 + £2.95 p&p comes with transparent flyleaf, 2010 diary, 1 – 6 cream tabs, map of the world, white lined paper, addresses, A-Z index in cream, three letters per tab, to do, Today ruler, top opening plastic envelope

  • Pocket Urban in Slate (some use, still in good condition) –  £13.00 + £2.95 p&p comes with transparent flyleaf, 1 – 6 tabs, to do, 2010/2011 diary starting from Dec 2nd missing some information pages, frosted Today ruler, Bank Account inserts, lined paper, A-Z tabs, three letters per tab, top opening plastic envelope, back note pad, in original box

If you are interested in any please email me at knittyshaza at gmail dot com

Payment can be either by Paypal or cheque, although nothing will be posted till funds have been cleared!

A5 City Filofax


I have recently been trying to follow the Fly Lady and get my house out of Chaos as well as my life!  Interesting challenge!

One of the things she does is get you to great a Control Journal!  A what you ask?  A Control Journal!  Somewhere that keeps track of all your daily, weekly, monthly routines as well as important dates, numbers, account details etc!

Perfect for a Filofax wouldn’t you say?

I had tried to arrange one in a personal but the size was just wrong, so when I won this off Ebay recently, I knew exactly what it would be used for!

Lovely looking isn’t it?

The inside cover says City – not sure if it is leather or not.  It has 7 card slots on the inside left cover and a back pocket,  the back just has a pocket.  It never came with any inserts, but it did come with :-


Today ruler

Tabs 1 – 6 in blue and grey

Jan – Dec tabs in Cream

and some paper inserts

It is currently set up as follows, but bear in mind as this is a work in progress, expect lots of changes!

Tab 1 – Vertical Year Planner – 2011

Tab 2 – Week on 2 pages inserts – 2011

Tab 3 – Expenses (record of grocery spend etc)

Tab 4 – Lists (not sure which lists yet!)

Tab 5 – currently blank

Tab 6 – currently blank

Monthly tabs, I want to record all birthdays, activities, chores etc that need to be done in that month

A – Z tabs – Supplier details ie gas bills etc!

This will be a long term work in progress, but once done I think it will be pretty awesome when it is done!

Just wishing that Santa brings me an A5 filofax punch for Christmas as I will certainly be needing it, come January!

Metropol Personal Filofax


The Filofax meetup in London in November has alot to answer for with me!   Whilst I was there I really admired all the wonderful leather personal Filofax’s but to be honest the one I really wanted was £100, and at the moment that is not in my price range!

Not only that the amount of times I change my Filofax, I begrudge spending that sort of money for it to be shelved within a few months.

So I set myself a little challenge!  Use the same binder and diary for an entire 12 months and then in Dec 2011 I will buy myself the Filofax of my dreams!

Which mean’t I needed a new binder now to carry out this challenge!  To be honest, after seeing everyone else’s binders, I missed not having a clip on the front of mine, the strap on the Domino was just not doing it for me, and I also decided that I missed not having a back notepad and I wanted 2 pen loops.  I settled for the Metropol in Raspberry.

Now I know this isn’t leather, but I actually really like the feel of it.  The finish inside could be better, but for the price I can’t really complain!

Isn’t the colour adorable!   This picture really doesn’t do it justice!

I also really like the fact that the credit card slots are sideways, for me personally makes it easier to write on!

The back notepad is great for me as well, as I tend to jot notes as and when I need to and then file later!

See the two pens fit really well!

And here we have it working!

I will be writing again about it in January when I have my Day Timer inserts in and am all setup for 2011.  Then I will do a full run down on how I am using it etc!  So check back!

Hearts Pocket Filofax


This isn’t a Filofax that I have ever wanted, however, on my recent visit to the Neal St store, that was arranged by Philofaxy on Nov 20th, we got given goody bags if we bought anything.

Needless to say, how do you go to a Filofax store and NOT buy anything!

I got some refills and paper that I needed, or hadn’t seen on their website and liked!

Quite a selection isn’t it? In there is the cream week on 1 page that I will be using as part of 2011 setup, although I am already not loving it, as it has 5 languages and do you realise just how much space you waste to day names you will never read or understand!

But this was my goody bag :-

Yes, that is a Heart Pocket Filofax you can see, that we received as a gift!  How cool is that!

When I first got it I thought I was pretty but not sure I would use it!  I loved the colours, and purple is just up my street!  When you open it, look what you are greeted with :-

How lovely is that colour?

Oh and the tabs :-  PASTEL!!!!!  How gorgeous are they?

So after much thought, I decided that this would become my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days journal!  It’s bright, cheerful, makes me happy and I just want to write in it, which means I will get my list completed!

Ok, so the start date may alter!

The general idea I had is that it houses my actual list, then has details on each task I complete and where pictures need to be taken, if I print them off at 5″ x 3″ they should fit in here as well!  Forming an entire journal of my journey!

Let’s just hope it works and I stick with it!



Craft-o-Fax update


After my jaunt to London to meet up with my Philofaxy friends, I realised I hadn’t done an update on the Craft-o-Fax, and after taking it with me and receiving the ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhhs’ that I did, I thought I would post some recent pictures of it!

If you remember it is a Domina A5 in Red :-

Remember this beauty?

Well now it looks like this :-

I know it is rather full, but for me it works really well.

I have sections for all the crafts I do and I store the details for all my current projects as well as things I would like to make!

I don’t tend to take it out the house, unless to knit night as my patterns are in there!

So there you have it a Filofax pushed to the max with content!