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What have I been upto?


People always say that time flies when you are having fun, but I have to be honest and say time for me is just flying!

I wish I could just stop some days, catch my breath, re-evaluate and carry on!  But that shan’t happen so I just keep going with the chaos and see where it gets me!  Most days it gets me doing quite a lot, others I feel tired, lethargic, fed up, stressed, happy, elated, loving life, oh the mixture of emotions!

So what have I been doing since my last post?

Well I have been plodding away on my other blog :- detailing my life on the Fab Frugal Challenge.  A challenge it certainly is but one I am embracing and enjoying!

I have been doing really well with my gym attendance and general exercise, I am really proud of myself,  although I am not sure I can manage 5 sessions a week, just because it sort of throws my week!  So I will continue doing Mon, Thurs, Sat at Gym with Wed being Zumba and in Sept when Luke starts Nursery I will do a Friday morning as well at gym!  To be honest I just need to really look at when I get my sessions in and the best timing for me!

Crafting, I have been doing a bit of crochet and mainly cross stitch!  I started this last week :-

  I am really enjoying stitching this, mainly because Lizzie Kate designs seem to go so quickly!  However I do struggle a bit as it is stitched on Linen (2×2) and so I really need to concentrate.  So I tend to not do it in the evenings and instead only work on it at the weekends!  that being the case it will be taking me a while todo, but I need to speed it up as I have a Christmas present to stitch that I haven’t even started! LOL!

A few months ago I bought some Drops Muskat yarn :-

As I decided I need some colour in my life, I started my Hexagon blanket!  My idea is to make 6 hexagons out of each colour, making a total of 90 and joining them in a blanket.  I am currently doing Round 1, which is time consuming but I am enjoying it and it seems to go quickly.  I will then do Round 2 and 3 and join them together on Round 4!

Not sure how long this project will take, but I am enjoying it, so I don’t really mind!

Ok, that seems to be my craft update (another one!) so I shall leave it there.

Please do go and check out my other blog as I really could do with the following!

Craft-o-Fax Update! (at last!)


Some of you will remember my beloved Craft-o-Fax that I set up last year?

Here it is in all it’s glory, bursting at the seams!  Yes my lovely Red Domino A5 is packed to capacity and more!

So I thought that 2011 I needed to be better organised and after bidding on another A5 on Ebay I won an A5 Black Identity!

It really is rather uninspiring but actually I still really like it!  I set about setting it up straight away, and this what it is looking like now :-

The inside front cover!

List of 2011 Crafting Goals!

Section 1 – contains all my knitting patterns of projects I want to complete this year.  I have a today marker placed on the pattern I am currently working on and mark the pattern where necessary as I go!

Section 2 – is for my crochet projects!

Section 3 – has pictures of all my cross stitch projects that I am doing in 2011!

Section 4 – has a list of all the books I want to read, not necessarily in 2011 but I am hoping to make quite a dent to it this year!

Section 5 – houses my sewing projects that I want to make, not a lot in here to be honest, only about 3 but that is enough!

Section 6 – has a copy of 101 things to di n 1001 days list, as well as patterns I have completed I take out of the relevant section and house here.  There is also a pad of paper, some empty to do lists and quadrille paper in this section!

Finally at the back I keep a knitting book called ‘Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters’ just in case I need to check how to do something, at least I have the reference on hand rather than  having to go search for it!

So that is my Craft-o-Fax no 2!

Hope you like it, or at least the sound of it! LOL!


Craft update


I have been crafting quite a bit I think, but not 100% sure on what! LOL! So I am going to try and do an update and see what gets shown!

Christmas Decorations, bought these last year planning to put them on the tree in 2009 but that never happened, so hopefully we can have on the 2010 tree!

I have bought some really tiny beads to do the eyes and where the french knots are meant to be, as I can’t do french knots!

After seeing my friend Cheryl and her showing me the needlecase she made, I wanted to give one a go and this was the result!  I do like it, but I think it needs a fastening to keep it closed!

I have cast on Lady Kina, but as you can see from this, I haven’t really done much!  At the point I need to increase another 148sts and just haven’t had the peace to do it!  One day, soon, hopefully!

Of course I had also finished this for a swap, as mentioned in a previous post.

Here is the ripple blanket so far!  Taking ages to do but am getting there!

This is how wide it is now :-

Oh, such a long way to go!

Ok, so I know this is totally wonky, but it kinda appeals to me!  I am wondering if it has anything to do with the whole being left handed thing and this is the outcome?  I did figure it was a blanket that would be draped around you does it really matter!

I think that is all I have been upto at the moment!  I really do want to press on with more stuff, but time is once again not my friend!

Quick craft update!


Well, the weather has been so hot and humid that crafting is not something generally I am doing alot of right now!  Roll on Autumn and Winter I say!  However I have managed to make this :-

Made out of some stash fabric this was surprisingly easy to do!  The good thing is it can be used for other stuff once Luke outgrows the need for nappies!

My ripple blanket is coming on nicely, albeit slowly due to not working too much on it.  Damn this weather!  Here is what it looks like now : –

I realise this blanket is going to take a while to do, and at this rate it will be 2013 before it is done, but I am enjoying it and it is BIG!!!!  Starting chain is well over 300!



Here are my granny squares when I tried to join them WITHOUT blocking!

As you can see the squares are all distorted, and just look plain awful!

Here they are blocking and already they are looking 100 times better!

I have now unpinned them and they are certainly looking so much better!  I now feel alot happier trying to join them all together and getting this blanket sorted!

Feb update!


I really need to think of more interesting post titles, mine seem awfully boring!  Hmmmmmm.

So I am not going to go into what Feb has been like, and instead I am going to post pictures and give descriptions!  So here goes, what happened in Feb!

I finished my Simple Yet Effective Shawl.  It was made from Trekking XXL and I did about 1.5 repeats of the pattern.  It currently measures 96cms wide unblocked!  Will hopefully be blocked this coming week!

My ripple blanket is coming on well.  I have not spent as much time as I had hoped on it, but still progress is going well.  I am hoping that you can see just how the colour sequence is going to be going?  It is going to large, but hopefully cuddly!  So still loving the ripple!

This was going to be a granny square blanket with different size squares, etc, however I realised that if I did that it will never get finished!  So instead I have decided to do something different and join the 2 large and 8 small, another set, similar to above still needs to be joint!  And then I am going to work rows, large squares, small squares and more rows and hopefully it makes a lovely blanket!  I realise it may all be sounding a bit strange, but all I can say is what this space!

I really must take a better picture, however here are the squares so far my Summer Blanket!  Again it is going to be a mix of big and small squares.  The yarn is Anchor Magicline and is a dream to crochet with.  I have 55balls to make up, so another LONG term project!

I took part in a Valentines Swap on the Phoenix Knitting Forum.  It was a wonderful little swap that did not take much time, but loads of fun!  Above is the picture of what I sent, and this is what I received

Cross stitch update.  This is not really coming on a quickly as I had wished, however I am still enjoying working on it when I get the chance!  It will take a while, but hey ho!

A bit more crafting!


Finally I seem to be getting into a good crafting routine, being able to do some most evenings!  January saw me :-

progress well on my Simple Yet Effective Shawl!  I am almost finished, got about a quarter of a ball left to use and I am done!  But there are loads of stitches now and so taking ages to knit, but still I am enjoying it!


Thanks to a good friend, who introduced me to Anchor Magicline at the bargain price of 59p / ball, yes you have just read that right, 59p per ball!!!  So I bought enough to make myself summer picnic blanket, made up of squares, which can be worked on anywhere!  Love it!  Here are is the stash and squares so far!


Next project I am working on is a Ripple Blanket.  Again it is so easy and loving it!  The repetitiveness of it so is mind numbing but certainly not boring!  Here is my progress so far :-

After nearly 2 years of not being able to cross stitch, I have finally picked up a kit and a needle again, and my cross stitch project for 2010 is this :-

 I saw this and just fell in love with it!  My progress so far is this :-

  It isn’t alot I know but for me quite an achievement with 20mth old toddler in tow!

So things are going well on the crafting front, the only craft I have not been able to touch is my quilt!

Roll on February and hopefully a productive month!

Craft update to the end of 2009


Ok, so December seemed to have passed me by!  Not sure how that happened, and without a single post!

What happenend in December?  Well we closed the office for 2 weeks over the festive season which gave us all a break, which was just lovely!

I managed to do some crafting, so let me update on that!

Attic24 inspired crochet bag, was finally finished, and whilst I never lined it, it seems to working well as a wool holding bag for my ripple blanket project!  Pictures of it are below :-


Next I made some Christmas decorations for our tree.  Nothing spectacular but something different!  Really easy pattern, based on a granny square, they did not turn out too badly actually :-

    They were made in both red and white, out of Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

Having been a role of getting things sorted, I finally managed to finish the Mystery CAL to at least hang it, although it still does need work, it at least gave a festive feel to my kitchen!

Next I finally finished my toasty snood, and whilst I still don’t have any pictures of me wearing it, here it is at least finished!  Actually I haven’t even taken a picture of it finished, so better get that sorted soon!

Next, I decided to finally start the Ripple blanket.  I realise that this project will probably take till then end of 2010 to finish, but I am enjoying it none the less!

 Selection of colours for the blanket!  Progress so far :-

The finally project I have started is Simple Yet Effective Shawl.  I wanted something that was easy to knit, I could pick up and put down without worrying about loosing my place and this seemed the perfect one to start with!  Here are my pictures of progress so far :-


I think that is now all my crafting updated, the next post will be a bit more general!

Craft update!


It is wonderful to actually be back crafting a bit more and best of all actually getting some projects finished!

I am attending a Beginners Patchworking course on the 17th and 24th Oct and I am really looking forward to it.  I have always wanted to try patchwork but never knew what I would use the quilt for?!?!  So I thought rather than make a quilt, why not go for a table runner and placemats for Christmas!  So that is my goal!

P1030217 I bought this advent calendar to make for Luke for Christmas this year.  I was hoping to cross stitch one, but to be honest I just don’t have the time to cross stitch, so I thought this would be the next best thing!  Looking forward to getting started on it!

P1030198  Here are the granny squares I have crocheted so far for a blanket I am making.  It is based on the Babette layout, but with granny squares instead.  It is probably going to take me a quite a while to do but I am enjoying it.  Can only really work on it when Luke is sleeping, as tends to pull all the yarn out of the box otherwise!

P1030202  My Fuzzy Feet are finally knitted up!  Can’t believe that when I put my mind to it, I got each one done in a little under 6 days each!  Amazing!  I know need to put them in the washing machine to felt and then they are totally done!

P1030205  P1030206  P1030207  This crochet bag is inspired by the pattern found on Attic24’s blog.  It is made from Patons Sorbet, and once done, I am hoping to line it with the following fabric :-


Right I think that is all my updates so far?  I have managed to finish a few projects recently, I completed my Bainbridge Scarf at last, and I am almost finished my tank top, Glace by Rowan as well!

Once I have done the Glace I want to cast on an easy peesee shawl and a jumper for Luke!  So watch this space!