2nd Big Step on my quest for Recovery!


At 1am this morning, whilst dealing with the results of my laxative abuse, I decided enough is enough!

The only person that can stop taking these damn pills are me!  So today I binned the lot!  And not just in a clean bin, so if times are hard, I can get them out!  No, in amongst my old, disgusting food, where there is no way I am going to try and retrieve them!

How do I feel?  Relieved, I shall now get an unbroken nights sleep, scared, because I now need to try and control my weight the correct healthy way!  Empowered that this journey is going in the right direction so far and my only wish now is that I don’t fall off the wagon and slip back into old ways!

But 1st step was big – seeking help, 2nd step is bigger, taking action to aid that help, and destroying the pills that are destroying me is huge!

Oh my goodness, I am really doing this!

Can I just say a ‘HUGE, THANK YOU!’ to those who commented on yesterday’s post, I feel so lucky to have such amazing support around me and to have people who rather judge and criticize are helping and aiding!  So thank you!


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