30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 18


Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.

Africa!  Just recently I have been missing home!  Which is nuts, because really the UK is home and has been for the last 12yrs, but a part of me will always think of Africa as home.

And I crave that life, the open space, the option to go on safari whenever I want, the honesty of the people, the freedom to sit in a big garden and not be watched by every neighbour around you!  To be able to drive into my garden and not have everyone watch what bags I unload!  To be able to play my music at whatever level I want because the neighbour can’t hear me!

I appreciate, Africa is no where near what it was like when I lived there 12yrs ago and I think if I went back now, my memories would be crushed, so I don’t. That is not to say I won’t eventually go back one day on holiday and take my son.

But for the meantime I have my photos and I still in my heart crave my African life!

p.s. Can I just say, I am very happy and settled in the UK, however Africa is always in your blood, no matter how many years you have been out of it, and that is a well known fact!



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  1. I know that feeling having lived abroad too. Even if you are happy where you are, there is always a part of the other place in your heart. I have never been to Africa but it is on my MUST VISIT list…

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