Filofax Downscale!


Apologies in advance for the text and photo’s not lining up, for some reason I just can’t it to, no matter what I do!

After reading this post by Jotje on the Philofaxy website ( ) I just had to see if I could make the Pocket Malden work for me.

I love the idea of a smaller planner, but still with the capabilities of being able to hold everything I need!

My Personal Malden literally carries my life, so it is quite a challenge to fit it all into my Pocket, but I think I may have done it!

This is going to be rather picture heavy!

How full can one Malden become?

From the top showing my pen being housed in the rings rather than the pen loop!

I have done this, as it doesn’t close too well if in the pen loop!

Better image of how it is housed!

Now on to the setup!  I am wanting to get some pretty colour dividers as the plain cream are really bring me now!  I have also bought some great smaller tabs, but as there are only 3 colours, I shall need suggestions on what colours for each tab, but more on that later!

Here goes!

I have been trying so hard to use this as a purse and planner, but the reality is I HATE having coins in the front pocket!  It also struggles to close when there are coins in there, so instead it houses a very important key!  Job done!

The credit card slots hold a few cards and bits of paper but nothing too exciting!

Standard Filofax Index Tabs on the front.  I don’t really use these too much but I feel it protect the plastic sleeve behind it, although I may end up removing it as it really just takes up space!  Oh decisions are starting already! LOL!

First section is ‘Shopping’, nuts really as I am on a no shopping challenge, so why do I have a tab?  Good question!  I thought I would use this section for groceries I need to get, shopping I need to do at the weekends, stuff I generally want!  But as yet none of that has materialised, so this section my be scrapped, I shall see how it goes!

Next up are my ‘LISTS’! I love lists!  In this section I have the following :

10 1 Things to do in 1001 Days list

Bucket List

Books to read list and Author Suggestions

30 Day Blog Challenge list

quite a few then!

Now I don’t really use To Do’s because I put my daily to do’s on my diary page for that day!  So this section houses, things that I need to get done at some point, when I have a minute!

Diary section is next and I am currently running………………………Week on 1 Page view and a

Day Per Page view!  Admittedly I don’t have many months in DPP view currently only 2 but so far so good!  I have the year from Aug 1st to Dec 31st in the Wo1P view and that is great.  I shall rotate the months of DPP so maybe keep 3 months in at all time, past, present and future and see how is goes!  But I love this setup!  I was using this in my Personal Malden, but in there I had 2PPD layout and I thought I would never be able to down scale, but I have!  For the time being!

My Wo1P view carry’s ONLY my appointments for the week!  I don’t record any other data on there!  My DPP view houses all my appointments, heart rate monitor details if I get to the gym! Money spent and received, my to do’s and anything else I feel I need to record!  So rather full pages but I love them!

Behind my DPP layouts I do have some Wo2P refills where I was hoping or planning to record my feelings when I ate to see if any patterns emerge, as yet it is not going too well, but I shall stick with it!

Next up is ‘Notes’ and ‘Addresses’ neither are really very inspiring!  As there is nothing housed behind the ‘Notes’ tab right now just some blank lined sheets and behind the ‘Addresses’ I do have all my addresses in there written out and a few other details!

Under the letter ‘M’ I do have month on 2 page pages in there, although I don’t really use them as I don’t need to see what my month looks like, so I may remove them, soon!

2 more relatively boring tabs! ‘Information’ currently houses details of my big house declutter that I shall be doing over the next few months!  And ‘Finance’ well I should really put my budgets in there, but instead I have monitored anything I have bought that is yet to be delivered, which are few and far between as well as any refunds I am expecting!

Camping is an odd tab I realise, but as we are new to it, I felt I needed a section to house my numerous lists on what to pack, where to go, what to cook, any good recipes, website details, literally anything to do with camping is housed here!

’Misc’ another empty section!  Not sure what I am going to house here, but at the moment I record details from magazines as and when I read them!  So maybe the tab name needs to change to ‘Magazine data!’

The back is filled with 2 plastic top opening envelopes that house my vouchers and bits of paper in!

I then have 2 credit card holders, which house my debit and credit cards as well as my driver’s licence and AA breakdown card!

Back cover, I took the pad out as it was making the filofax too bulky and instead I slot receipts, stamps, pictures in that space now!

Finally the large wallet!  I LOVE THIS!  If the personal had it as well, I think it would be perfect!  In here I house any money I saving for an emergency!  My cash is kept in a separate purse now rather than trying to fit it all in here!  Maybe when I get to a stage of not using much cash I will be able to have my Malden as everything!  Oh I dream!  Also in here are any larger pieces of paper I need to keep but don’t want getting tatty!  I have noticed however you don’t want to be overstuffing this pocket as it could then make the Malden snug to close!

So there you have it my current pocket setup!  Very similar if not identical to my Personal, just down scaled!  I am loving it, but then I love any new layout I try, the question is ‘Is this it for the long haul?’ We shall see!

Oh one other thing I needed some help with!  I currently have a pack of Post it Index labels, that are 25.4mm x 38mm so a great size for the Pocket but I only have them in Pink, Green and Orange.  If my sections are :



To Do








Which would you group together for each colour?  My ideas are below :-

Pink – Shopping, Diary, Financial

Green – Lists, To Do,

Orange – Notes, Addresses, Info, Camping, Misc

What do you think?


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    But i have a question my lovely, how is it writing on the day per page, as it is lined, i love non lined pages too much, but i would have to have the day per page, could not work with anything else!

    I just love how much you have written a week in your Filofax!!! 🙂

    Thank you for this, has helped me think pocket again heeh xxx

    • I never write on unlined paper unless I am scribbling! So having lines works well for me! Also using the Frixion pens is wicked because not only are they thin but erasable as well!

      Hope it persuades you to change over!

  2. Hi,
    Great to see this level of detail. I got some 0.5mm Frixions today, they fit the pen loop perfectly unlike the standard ones which are a bit too fat.

  3. How cool that my blogpost served as so much inspiration! Tried to reply to Imy’s post aswell, but alwaays gets deleted (must try on PC instead of phone). Using the thinner 0.5 frixion has been vital for my downsizing, cos it makes your writing smaller aswell! Think about stuff you REALLY need to have with you at all times. Addresses could also be saved in your phone, saving a huge amount of room in your filo.

    • Thanks Jotje, never really thought of storing the addresses in my phone so I may type them in this weekend and see how much it frees up my Malden as I have more stuff I am going to need to carry shortly!

  4. I’ve been using a Franklin Covey Classic for about 3 yrs now. Just bought my first FIlofax yesterday in personal. Filofax pages are about 2″ narrower. May not seem like much but it’s a great difference. I don’t know if I can do it. My other option was an A5 filo… that just seems too big for me.
    I’m finding it difficult to size down to a personal size let alone a pocket!
    Good job on it though. It looks lovely!

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