Even shorter!


In a little over a month I have gone from this :-

















To firstly this :-


















To finally this today!









 I LOVE IT!  Admittedly I couldn’t go to this the first time I had it cut, but am so glad I have done it now!

My new camping haircut, wash and go!

Happy Days!





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  1. How quick does your hair grow then? Will you let it grow back after you have been camping then?

    Still think it’s a great change for you, a confidence booster I’m sure.

  2. I LOVE your hair style! I have done the same – gone from below my shoulders to a pixie cut like yours: twice I did it in two stages, and once I did it in one fell swoop. How liberating it was! Do you find you’re still brushing the (non-existent) hair off your neck and collar?

    • Thank you! No I have never tried to brush the non existent hair away, I have however tried to wash it! LOL!

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