1st time camping in the UK!


Ok so it was only in my garden, but hey we HAVE CAMPED!  LOL!

I decided a few weeks ago that I would really like to try camping as it could be really good for my son but also good for us as a family.   To begin with I was toying with the idea of renting a camping pod and trying that and if we managed that to then look at going in a proper tent!

But after weighing up the costs it made more sense to buy a tent now and just go for it! So that is what we did!  We bought a 4 man tent, the offer that Halfords was doing, which was a tent, 2 x double air beds, 4 x single sleeping bags, 1 x lantern, 1 x torch and 1 x 12v pump all for £160 and if you bought the cooking set at the same time you only paid £30 instead of £60 for it!  So we induldged!

I then set about researching places we could go and pitch our tent and actually start using, but being August and school holidays, places were few and far between, but I did managed to find a campsite in Thetford Forest, Norwich that is willing to have us for 2 nights!  Sorted!

Now we needed to do a trial run, so last night we set up tent in our back garden for the night!  It was hystical and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, I think we even gave the neighbours abit of afternoon entertainment!

Luke was so excited and had been asking since we bought the tent to pitch it, so he was just elated to see us actually put it up!

It took us around 1hr 30mins to pitch, which I really didn’t think was too bad, for a first time and that included pumping up the beds and setting up so we could sleep in it!

I think these pictures explain how the night went, rather well!


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