30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7


Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

I have already had my dream wedding on April 14th 2007 and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Here are some pictures from that special day!

Walking into Church with my Dad!







Leaving the Church after signing the Register.









Outside the Church.










 Confetti moment!








Church photos.








Wedding Car!








My table decorations!  A Vanda Orchid in water!  Absolutely loved this idea!









 Our wedding cake!










So that is a quick over view of my wedding!  It was perfect, the weather, the people, everything!  But then it did take me 2yrs to plan!

However should I ever get married again (which I certainly I don’t intend doing), I would elope and do this :-


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  1. Oh you looked absolutely beautiful! I LOVE weddings 🙂 Your wedding was not that long before mine in September of that year!
    Your hubby looks as pleased as punch and your Dad looked so proud.
    Thanks for sharing the photos from your special day!

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