30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4


Day 4 – Your favourite photograph of your best friend.

I will start by saying this is not me or my best friend in this picture, so why have I posted it?

Well I can honestly say I don’t currently have a best friend (or so I thought!) Now I know I am meant to say my DH is my best friend, but he isn’t!  I don’t tell him my darkest secrets and I don’t talk to him about anything and everything, so no he isn’t.  He is my husband, my partner, the person I will spend the rest of my life with, but he is not my best friend!

Then I thought, my brother is my best friend!  Well in reality he is probably the closest I have to a best friend, but again no he isn’t, he is my brother, and we are very close, but he isn’t my best friend!

So who else?  Well at my current age of, yes I will divulge it, 37!  I don’t feel I have one!  Then I thought even harder, and you know what, I think I may have just found two………………………………..

 Cathy is a very dear friend of mine whom I have known since high school, so some 24yrs now!  In that time, we lost touch, due to me leaving school before her and then going different ways when we started work.  But I used to see her parents often and always spoke with them.

Fast forward to present day, and we got back in touch via Facebook, and it feels to me anyway like we never lost touch!  She now lives in a different country, but we still try and speak every week via Facebook and catch up with each others lives and it feels just wonderful to have her back in mine!

So I think this is the closest I have to a best friend right now. Whether or not she feels the same way I don’t know, but I do know, that we shall remain friends for a very, very long time to come!

I do have one other friend, who is a very, very, good friend of mine and I just feel I have to mention her as well!

This lovely lady is Cheryl, we met via the local knitting group, a good 4/5 yrs ago and have become very good friends overtime.

We both share a love of crafting, and we just get on!  We share our woes and we see each other quite regularly, and I know if I ever needed a shoulder, hers is always available!  She really is a very, very special lady!






That concludes my post on my best friend, and I realise I have posted 2 but both play a part in my life and both are very important to me!


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