30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1


Day 1 – A photo of yourself and description of how your day was!

Well today is a Monday, which means in my world, nursery run, gym, work, nursery run, child entertainment, work, chores, dinner and finally maybe, some crafting, followed by reading, bath and sleep!

Was that how my day panned out?  Well lets see!


Pretty much so I am afraid, as nothing out of the ordinary really happened! What is that saying, ‘Same old, same old!’

So let me see if I can expand a little bit on it at least! LOL!

Gym was really good as I managed to do Day 2 of the Couch to 5Km program.  My kneeing was hurting when I got there, but I pulled through and managed to complete it!  It is really tough going, but I am LOVING it and can’t wait for the day I can just run 5km no hassle!

My DS had a wonderful morning at nursery as he always does!  No change there then!  I am so happy with how much he does love his nursery and his willingness and eargerness to go each day!  Makes it so much easier for me!

Work for me, has been busy, as always.  Trying to fit a full day’s work into 3.5hrs is always going to be a challenge, but one I enjoy!  Thank goodness though it is a family run business!

My afternoon has been somewhat of a mixed ball really.  It is just far too hot to do anything outside, so Luke and I have been indoors, he has been watching Disney Channel and I have been catching up on emails, FB, Twitter, work and blog posts!  Soon to be  a solid hour of work once this is done!

In between the taxi service and work and everything else I did this morning, I also managed to do all my clothes washing, which will need packing away and ironing later!

I also managed to buy myself a lovely new bag, which I can’t to arrive!

Nica Getta Tote Bag, Tan How adorable is this?  Well it is winging it’s way to me as I type!

I also took delivery of some maxi dresses I ordered yesterday, but unfortunately 2 had to be returned, and so that was a trip to the post office done this afternoon as well!

So my day is good, I would say.  My plans for this late afternoon / evening, is to pack away my clothes, do my ironing, prepare, cook and eat dinner, do some crochet, watch some telly, then bath, read and bed!

Day done!


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